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Freiwillige Manager in der Regierung, Non-Profit, kollegiale, medizinische, Unternehmens- und K-12 Märkte.

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  • Kostenlose Testversion Ja, Kostenlose Testversion
  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Installiert - Windows
    Mobile - Android Native
  • Training Persönlich
    Live Online
  • Kundenbetreuung 24/7 (Live Vertreter)
    Support während der Geschäftszeiten

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  • Samaritan Technologies
  • http://www.samaritan.com
  • Gegründet 1997

Über eCoordinator

Unabhängige Bewertung # 1 (siehe Link unten). Freiwilligen-, Spender-, Kunden-, Partner- und Gruppenmanagement-System mit integrierter LIVE-Überprüfung von kriminellem Hintergrund, Referenzüberprüfung, E-Kampagnenunterstützung, Umfrage-Tools und vieles mehr. Mehrere Preispakete erlauben es Dir, das Paket, das sich am besten an Deine Bedürfnisse und Budgets anpasst, zu erstellen. Keine andere Software kann mit Deiner Website und externen Systemen integriert werden. Wir erfüllen ADA, HIPAA und FISMA. Wird vom Smithsonian und den Staaten VA, CA, TX, MD, NV verwendet.


eCoordinator Funktionen

  • Anerkennungs-Management
  • Anwesenheitsmanagement
  • Freiwilligen-Profile
  • Gruppenmanagement
  • Kalenderverwaltung
  • Mitgliederverzeichnis
  • Mitgliedschaft-Management
  • Registrierungs-Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Terminplanung
  • Trainingsmanagement
  • Veranstaltungsmanagement

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AOC Samaritan Review

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 4.2.2016
Melissa A.
Special Projects Coordinator
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
4 / 5

Kommentare: Our situation was a bit unique, in the sense that we really only needed volunteers for one particular weekend in January. We had set up the system in June, so I had many months to learn the system. I had basic training when we first set it up, but because this was my first time being in a volunteer coordinator role, I had no clue about anything. It was more of a learn as I go situation. I think overall the volunteers were satisfied - more than not, when troubles were faced, it was user error. Some other issues the volunteers faced were also part of me not knowing everything about the system, so those issues are on me. I can say that from both my perspective and the volunteers, the whole "refer" vs "place" process was a bit complicated. To me, it just felt unnecessary. I know there were many ways to use this, so maybe I just did not go about it correctly, but I would have shifts that let volunteers sign up over the capacity (say the shift only needed 25, but 30 referred themselves) so then I had to go through and place 25 of them, and notify the other 5 that even though they signed up for it, they are not scheduled. I did appreciate the amazing customer. As mentioned, I was learning as I went along, which meant a lot of issues/questions came up in crunch time, so having Satina was great. She was able to quickly jump on a GoToMeeting with me, and show me in 2 minutes something I struggled figuring out. I would recommend building a section in the "Help" area with frequently asked questions. There were many times I would have a very quick question, and could not figure it out and/or could not find the answer online, and had to email in to support about it. As quick as support was, it seemed like a nuisance to wait around for this answer, when it easily could have been available elsewhere - FAQ section or a live chat. I really did appreciate everything Samaritan did for me - having the system and support really made my life a lot easier. I had never done volunteer coordination before, nor did I have anyone helping me in our office - I was solely on my own, so having the support was clutch. I had chosen the system above others because of the ability to have the background checks included, at a great rate, and also because I had researched systems and believed Samaritan was the best to go with. Looking back, I would make the same choice again.

Samaritan is a powerful management tool, client-friendly meeting our needs at every turn.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 2.2.2016
Jamie B.
Corporate Volunteer Services - Volunteer Assistant
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5

Kommentare: We have used Samaritan for about 5yrs; after a disappointing first attempt with another web-based program. Samaritan meets our management, reporting, and communication needs. We began with Samaritan when we consisted of three hospitals - and recently provided us with a seamless transition to add five additional hospitals who utilized two different management systems.
Samaritan provides user-friendly hours reporting, profile management and scheduling for the volunteer. For staff, it provides control of web content, customized application, automatic reference requests, user-friendly data retrieval, and versatile email including automations. Reports can be generated on any/all data fields in both pdf and txt format for export into spreadsheets. These are just a few of the many features.
Like any program or system there is a learning curve. A basic knowledge of Excel is helpful but not necessary. Our only issue with the system has been some of the characteristics of the calendar however, Samaritan listens to client feedback and is currently surveying for input on what users would like to see changed/added. The staff is very attentive and responsive to our requests for assistance. We have highly recommended Samaritan to others who have contacted us regarding our experience.

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