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  • ACOM Health
  • https://acomhealth.com/
  • Gegründet 1983


While our expertise is in innovative software and billing services specifically for chiropractic offices, we pride ourselves on listening to customer needs and building strong business relationships. We provide the industry's most effective, results-oriented and comprehensive solutions for EHR, Notes, and Practice Management Software and Insurance Billings and Collections. Our services for clinical operations reduces the pain that is so often associated with administrative functions.

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  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • EHR zertifiziert
  • Ergebnis-Bewertungen
  • Patientenakten
  • Patientenbuchhaltung-Management
  • Reklamationsabwicklung
  • SOAP-Notizen
  • Terminverwaltung

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The most customizable system available.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 23.5.2016
Mark S.
Medizinische Praxis
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
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4.5 / 5
5 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
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Vorteile: I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years and in the middle of my career I spent 10 years , full time, designing, installing and selling home theater audio-video equipment. Because of my experience in both fields, I believe I am unusually qualified to review this software.
First of all the software is extremely well laid out with respect to setting it up. There are tutorials that are short, to the point and shows you everything you need to know to set it up. Phone support is necessary to me and Acom's support is quick and available when you need it.
I am a diplomate of addiction and compulsive disorders and do a lot of other work like neuro-biofeedback, positive motivational therapy and the like. Acom is the ONLY company that is available that allows me to customize the program the way I need to use it..... and I checked out them all. Plus, the cost, after taking into consideration the initial layout and yearly subscription monies, is very affordable compared to the other competitive companies.
The use is straight forward and quick. I can do most daily notes in just a few minutes.
You can use an in house server, but I use my system on the cloud. That way there is no cost of maintenance or down time for hardware..... and I can use the system from anywhere I work.
There is also no cost for other doctors and staff who use the system. Very good for multiple doctor/staff practices.
I could go on and on, and there are a lot of questions many of you will have..... but I recommend you check out this system.

Nachteile: If your looking for free software or a cheap application, then this is not the software for you. But, that type of software will not let you customize it, and typically it will not offer clearinghouse compatibility and/or accommodate billing, scheduling and office notes all in one program. All in all this program is very well designed.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 29.5.2013
Joan B.
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Quelle: SoftwareAdvice
4 / 5
5 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5

Kommentare: I am a relative old-timer, in practice 32 years. I work part time and currently run a pretty low key, solo practice out of my home. I have no employees, and in a great week will see 60 patients. I've been using one computer program or another to run the business side of my practice since the dinosaur age (I bought my first computer in 1982 - a Digital Rainbow which loaded the operating system using two 5 1/4 inch floppy discs - and I wrote the first accounting programs myself). I finally bought an 'official' program and used it for years. In 2006 I realized that I needed to do something more than travel cards and buy a program to help me with my charting. I looked around, and chose BestNotes (which, by the way, is a great stand alone program for doing notes). Though the program was great, I tried to make my note a faithful reflection of what I did and talked about during the visit, couldn’t do that in a timely manner, and so was chronically behind in charting. It got to the point that the only patients who had more than a line or two of history in their charts were the ones who 'had' to have notes sent - personal injury, worker's comps - and those who had notes requested for one reason or the other (those requests sometimes took weeks to fulfill). This behavior finally caught up with me. I was unable to produce charts on three patients out of the 30 requested during an 'in-house' audit, and had to return lots of money. I decided that I had learned my lesson. I was going to do notes on every patient every time, using the system I already had in place. Within six months, I was so far behind I could not possibly catch up once again. I decided I needed a different system, one that integrated notes with practice management, so that I could not bill unless the note was finished. I also had to give up being perfect at notes, and realize that I was writing the note for the insurance company, not for the patient. It took me four or five months to test drive all of the different programs out there, and once I had, I chose ACOM/Rapid. I took a deep breath, put myself into debt, and bought both the practice management and charting systems in April 2011. I was told that it would take me several months to ‘go live’ but I knew better! I thought of myself as very computer savvy, had already programmed lots of language into my BestNotes system that I thought I could just transfer over, and was sure I didn't need as long as ACOM predicted to put the system in place. Turns out that they were right (and they usually are) - it did take what felt like a very long time to educate myself and get everything I needed into the system. Turns out it really is a process, and can't happen overnight. ACOM has the process part down pat - all I had to do was follow the plan. I didn't actually go live until August 1, 2011, and I can't say even that was glitch free, but what I can say is that I have never called tech support and had them unable to find/fix or teach me how to avoid whatever problem I encountered. I got real chummy with some of the techs - and every experience was positive. Lots of time has passed since then. I don't remember what version I started with, but I'm at v3.7.7 of the practice management, and v7.1 R3.0 of Rapid Documentation, and every time a new version comes out, the program is easier to use. I haven't actually changed my spots - I still get behind on notes - but I haven't billed for one service that doesn't have documentation to support it since August 1, 2011. I no longer live in fear of an audit and I find it amazingly satisfying to get a request for a chart and be able to fulfill the request the same day. I can do my notes, post the charges, send the insurance, print statements, and be done with it, all with these two integrated programs (and, no staff!).

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