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Class management system. Features: Grade Book, Create Tests, Reports, Lessons, and more.


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  • Elternportal
  • Fortschrittsbericht
  • Gewichtete Berechnung von Aufgaben
  • Individualisierte Beurteilung
  • Klassenzusammenfassung
  • Kurven-Ergebnisse
  • Lehrer-Dashboard
  • Notenberechnungen
  • Stundenplanung
  • Verfolgen der Teilnahme
  • Zeugnisse

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Time Vampire

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 7.2.2010
Maresha F.
Science Teacher
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Kommentare: I used Edline software at another school, and it is teacher friendly and time efficient. It is a spread sheet, and keeps a running average of grades. All categories and grades are entered on one page for the entire class. No I do not work for Edline, but after using Classbuilder, I I now see how an inferior product compares. My other reccomendation is to make a gradebook in EXCEL...

Vorteile: The pros to the classbuilder ...I suppose you get access to edhelper, where there are supplemental materials for various subjects that other teachers have submitted, and there is a test generator, yet is non efficient to use as far as time is concerned.

Nachteile: Class builder is a vampire on your time, as you cannot see the grade average for each student. You have to generate a pdf report card for the class then sort through that to get the grade average. A major pain in the butt. For instance I have to pull grades for 40+ students weekly and it takes me often almost 2 hours to do I have to enter each class and wait for the document to load, and scroll through it. I absolutely hate this program!!! Another problem, when you enter assignments they have two drop down boxes for date assigned and date due. It claims it is optional to put the dates in, but if you don't, you get warning messages in red, and you can't enter grades until you enter the dates. To open the calender to do this, sometimes there is a delay. I don't mind putting in an assigned date, but to have to do this for each assignment with an additional due date takes additional time. You have to switch between categories, and it takes time for things to load too often.

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