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Cloud-based solution that helps businesses create self-paced courses, organize quizzes or surveys and schedule lessons for trainees.

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Yadah H.
Educator in Irland
E-Learning, Selbstständig
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Kommentare: I moved from a very popular course platform to CourseCraft and was excited to use the platform and support a smaller company. I genuinely tried to make it work for a number of years and adjusted my course content around the various limitations. Unfortunately, the lack of features for the price point, as well as the limited payment gateways made me reevaluate and eventually move to another platform.
CourseCraft is a beautiful course platform option and the creators are very personable and hands-on. For those needing a simple course option, this could work, however I would still recommend any number of other LMS platforms out there for more 'bang for your buck'.


The course platform is incredibly easy to use and set up - the dashboard has all the links available and is both simple and refreshingly uncluttered. The option to 'Add' purchases to courses (like PDF's, one-on-one time) is brilliant and incredibly helpful for both the student (they can enhance their learning experience as desired) as well as the trainer (they're able to assist as needed, as well as earn more revenue on a product already purchased). The option to create a membership is enticing and gives the trainer the opportunity to consistently earn whilst also committing to helping their student in the long-term with continuously updated resources and products. The course editor is easy to use and the option to create columns in the lessons gives the flexibility of having each lesson tailored to the content it offers, rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. The forms and quizzes are helpful and lesson scheduling helps to keep control of how quickly the course content is consumed.


The overall platform is outdated for the price points available. Competitor course platforms offer everything that is available on CourseCrafts highest tier, and more, for a fraction of the price. The option to connect with only two payment gateways is severely limiting for people who reside in countries not supported by either PayPal or Stripe, making the content less accessible for a vast majority of people who would otherwise benefit from the courses offered. The forms and quizzes are very basic and do not have the advanced features or capabilities for anyone requiring more robust test features for their content. For those who rely on popular 'connection' software (like Zapier or Pabbly Connect), you'll be disappointed, as CourseCraft has not created any integrations with them yet. Thus, integrations with email providers, etc, is manual and time consuming as student lists need to be exported as a csv file and then imported into your mailing provider separately.