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Beginners and experts use Flodesk to grow their business with an intuitive email builder and beautiful templates you actually want to customize & share. Grow your email list, even if you don't have a website, and send the right emails at the right time to turn subscribers into sales.
Join thousands of small businesses who use Flodesk every day.

Wer verwendet Flodesk?

Small business owners who want to send beautiful emails with easy to use online marketing tools and great design without hiring help.

Flodesk – Details


Flodesk – Details


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Flodesk – Bereitstellung und Support


  • E-Mail/Helpdesk
  • FAQ/Forum
  • Wissensdatenbank


  • Cloud, SaaS, webbasiert
  • Mac (Desktop)
  • Windows (Desktop)


  • Dokumentation
  • Videos

Funktionen von Flodesk

  • AB-Tests
  • API
  • Abonnementverwaltung
  • Abonnenten-Management
  • Aktivitäts-Dashboard
  • Aktivitäts-Verfolgung
  • Anpassbare Felder
  • Anpassbare Formulare
  • Anpassbare Vorlagen
  • Automatische Antworten
  • Berichterstattung / Analyse
  • Berichterstattung und Statistik
  • Bildbibliothek
  • CAN SPAM-Compliance
  • CRM
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Drip-Kampagnen
  • Drittanbieter-Integration
  • Dynamische Inhalte
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • E-Mail-Management
  • E-Mail-Tracking
  • E-Mail-Verteilung
  • E-Mail-Vorlagen
  • Echtzeit-Analytik
  • Email-Kampagnen-Management
  • Engagement-Tracking
  • Ereignisgesteuerte Aktionen
  • Kampagnen-Segmentation
  • Kampagnenanalysen
  • Kampagnenmanagement
  • Kampagnenplanung
  • Klick-Tracking
  • Kontakt-Datenbank
  • Kontaktmanagement
  • Kundenbefragungen
  • Kundensegmentierung
  • Kundenspezifisches Branding
  • Lead-Erfassung
  • Listen-Management
  • Mailinglisten-Management
  • Mehrere Kampagnen
  • Mobil-ootimierte E-Mails
  • Multichannel-Marketing
  • Social-Media-Integration
  • Spam-Blockierung
  • Vorlagen-Management
  • WYSIWYG-Editor
  • Web-Formulare
  • Zielseiten / Web-Formulare

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Yadah H.
Educator in Irland
E-Learning, Selbstständig
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung

It's So Pretty!

5 vor 7 Monaten

Kommentare: I've loved how easy it has been to create beautiful emails without having to know any code. The banding is easily done and the tutorials have been a major time-saver!


What an absolutely stunning email service provider. The templates are varied and easy to edit and tweak according to your brand colours and style. There are loads of examples to get design inspiration from and there is also the option to add your brand colours and upload your logo to your 'profile' to make email creation and design easier. The 'Academy' they offer with step-by-step tutorials on how to use the product to its full potential is fantastic and has so many tips on how to make your open rates better and how to create a visually-appealing email that will encourage readers to engage and respond. The price is also fantastic for all that it's offering, and the added benefit of becoming an affiliate and earning right alongside them is fantastic! There aren't limits to the number of emails you can send and there is no penalty for increasing your subscriber count.


It can be a bit tricky to integrate with other websites if you aren't tech-savvy (like me). Additional products, like Zapier, are required to trigger certain sequences in your funnels if Flodesk doesn't integrate natively into your website or platform. Some of the templates are very visual which can be excessive and scare way customers rather than draw them in.

Erin R.
Creator & Host in USA
Rundfunkmedien, 2-10 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Herkunft der Bewertung

From One [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] to Another, Thank You

5 vor 6 Monaten

Kommentare: I recently went to customer support with an issue, I had received a coupon code and figured I'd need to create a new account, lose all my data and start over in order to utilize it. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] fielded my email. She was prompt in her response, offered a viable resolution to my issue in which I did not have to create a new account, and said that month was on the house. I couldn't believe it. I was so floored and appreciative. I think I've become so accustomed to companies not caring and not valuing their customers that I was completely blown away by this whole situation. Because of this experience, I'm loyal to Flodesk and a raving fan.


The Flodesk design templates are so fun. I feel like they already represent my personality and don't require a ton of additional work or setup. I am not super tech-savvy either so the ease of use is amazing.


There isn't one particular thing I'd call out as a con. Any potential roadblock I've encountered with the software I've been able to overcome with the help of customer support.

Claudia A.
Owner in Mexiko
Marketing & Werbung, Selbstständig
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung

Beautiful for email marketing

4 vor 2 Monaten

Kommentare: Love the platform, is very easy to use and has a beautiful design.


I love Flodesk templates and the fact that it has not subscribers limit.


Its landing pages are very basic, hope they were more interactive and complete.

Jp B.
VP, Customer Experience in USA
Computer-Software, 11-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung


2 vor 8 Monaten

Kommentare: I am proud to say my business complies with all international laws on email marketing and anti-spam. I set up with Flodesk and things were moving smoothly. Until I tried sending a newsletter out to my user base. With out any prior warning (I've triple-checked), Flodesk told me that my account was flagged and that they would be sending an email to me asking to provide information to ensure I was compliant. That email never came. I had to email-blast customer support and even tweet them to ask what was going on. They replied back with one line "we reviewed your account and can no longer service your account". Asked for context or if I can provide proof. Nothing. I was ghosted. Tried reaching out to support again via email, same one-line response. A compliant user, my account was closed and I was never told why. They did inform me that I was banned for life (not just my company but ME, like, what if I start a new venture and want to use the tool? NOPE. Banned for life.) What's even worse is that in customer service's replies to me, they seem to take pleasure in it. My schedule turned upside down because of this. I have to rebuild from scratch and I'm trying not to pull the rest of my hair out here. Just in case I get a reply to this review: all of what I have said happened within the last week. No, never had repeated warnings like you have told other users they received. I AM compliant with your terms of use, I combed through it in my free time (how fun).


I loved everything about Flodesk. Would have been a customer for life. No other tool has better templates or UX. Too bad they throw users under the bus. If I wasn't enraged by my experience with the company, I'd be singing its praises. Instead, I'm trying to make sure no one I know will go through the experience I did. Stay away from Flodesk and your life will be easier (and less likely to need anger management classes).


Literally, EVERYTHING. They have the world's worst customer support. I have had to make a big stink about anything to even get a reply. When I get a reply, they are rude and condescending. It's worth infinite amounts of money and time setting up with one of their competitors to not go through that headache again.

Antwort von Flodesk

vor 8 Monaten

Hi JP, our platform can only be used to email people who have given express consent to receive marketing emails. Also, when your account is flagged and in review, you're prohibited from opening a second account. We're really sorry that you had a bad experience and wish you the best of luck.

Mandy S.
Owner in USA
Kosmetik, 11-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung

Let the Awesome Emails Flo

5 vor 2 Monaten

Kommentare: I have seen a huge decrease in unsubscribes since using Flodeksk! It has saved me time and stress while increasing opens and sales. Their customer support is next-level.


I LOVE Flodesk's email templates. Everything is customizable, and they make it so easy to reflect my brand in the emails I send out. Their workflow capabilities are more advanced than other software, so it doesn't take a technology degree just to create a welcome sequence. They offer great education and integrations/transfers (my switch from Mailchimp was seamless and completed in less than 15 minutes), so it is easy to get started. I also so appreciate their auto-save feature, so I don't lose emails and workflows even if I have a computer crash!


One of the reasons we chose Flodesk was for the ability to have a Flodesk email popup on our Shopify website, which we are struggling to make happen. Some of Flodesk's reporting is also slightly less robust than their competitors, but that is something I knew from the beginning and it hasn't impacted us much.