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The Hyrell Applicant Tracking System effectively modernized the recruitment process at Milwaukee Public Museum and greatly reduced our turn-around time with candidates!

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Lisa P.
Director of HR & Labor Relations
51-200 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: Your product allowed me to take down all of the plastic mail buckets with paper requisition forms from our walls and use technology for our recruitment. I have also found that candidates respond much quicker to the on-line invitation requests than missed and return phone calls!

Vorteile: Customer service is a 10!
The Virtual Interview Tool allows us to customize our questions by position and filter our candidate pool effectively
We love he flexibility to have applicants upload work samples and provide links to project portfolios for our Professional positions and keep the application simple for entry-level positions!

Nachteile: The interview schedule allows for 1 Manager to receive the invitation to an on-site interview, so we have a work-around to schedule interview with the candidates thru Hyrell and use our google calendar for HR/Multiple manager invitations to the same interviews.

The computer saavy folk are happy, the not so computer saavy.. well....

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Kristina J.
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5 / 5

Kommentare: We all have people in our organization who seem to struggle with new software, no matter how easy it may be to use. For me personally, after receiving an online demo I was able to navigate Hyrell and use it to it's full advantages (despite a few hectic calls to my Rep when I got stuck), and I just love the product. It saves me time and effort by gathering a tremendous amount of information that you don't find on a resume alone. We have about 77 active users in our organization, and I'm happy to say around 50 of them understand the software, use it for all it's worth, and are incredibly happy with it. Pros:
Virtual Interviews, soft and hard skill questions really do give me 90% of the information I need regarding a candidate before I ever pick up the phone and schedule an interview.
Paperless drug screening has changed my life.
Customer service is top notch and I've never gone longer than 5 minutes without a return call and immediate fix to my issue.
Giving the candidates the ability to withdraw their application is the wave of the future.
I don't believe this product was made for a company with as many locations, departments, and moving parts like we are. There are some hiccups such as not being able to turn off certain types of notifications or even limiting who receives the notifications no matter what we seem to do.
The training videos need to be made for more specific situations, like "how to duplicate and modify an existing position" instead of only showing how to create a new ad or duplicate one from the pre-filled library. I'd even like one to show step by step how to initiate a drug test.
The emails that go to the candidates should definitely have way more indepth information without me having to type it in every time. Especially with how the background/drug testing works.

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