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Anyone filing any quantity of 1099 or W2 forms.

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Digital tax compliance solution for Information reporting form 1099, Payroll Tax Forms 941/940/944, ACA (1095) compliance.

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  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • Dokumentenmanagement
  • Fälligkeits-Tracking
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Worst Program Ever! Stay Away!

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 30.1.2019
Dorothy A.
SEO Manager, Project Manager, Office Manager
Marketing & Werbung, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
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Kommentare: Horrible. I used this last year and this year. Both times I experienced lag when uploading data from Quickbooks desktop to the website. Resulting in me having to start over.
Update this year crashed my quickbooks software and took me HOURS to fix.
The payment form is buggy and then by the time you finally get it to store your credit card number and submit the e-file, I found out that it was duplicated and imagine that...the only way to fix it is to submit a corrected form now and pay them more money.
I would rather print off my 1099s and mail the paper in to the government than EVER use this crappy, poorly made program again. And, it really makes it worse knowing that Quickbooks is a wealthy company and has chosen to invest so little the products that business rely on to do their filings. SHAME ON YOU!

Vorteile: At this point, nothing. At first the idea of being able to upload my 1099s and e-file was awesome, but the program doesn't work properly.

Nachteile: The interface is horrible.
The payment form lags and reloads repeatedly blank after you fill out your credit card information.
Support is nowhere to be found. I called, I tried to chat, and no one answered. No chat available on the day before 1099s are due, and they asked me to leave a voicemail and someone would call me back. Pshya right.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von ZENWORK an 14.2.2019

Hi, Dorothy - I apologize for the delayed response, here. We were just made aware of your review being posted here. I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with us. I'm sure that you've had a response from our support team by this point - I apologize that you weren't able to get a response from us immediately. We were working hard to respond to all support requests in a timely fashion. Our support team likely reminded you to run your QuickBooks as an Admin to keep that crash issue from occurring. I'm not sure what may have occurred on the payment page, but I hope our support team was able to gather more information on that, and to provide a fix. Please let us know if you have any unresolved issues, and we'll do our best to take care of those. We're constantly improving our platform, and we hope to offer you a better experience next year. Please let us know if you'd be interested in joining for a one-on-one feedback session, and we will get that scheduled.

Absolutely the worst thing I've ever used

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 31.1.2019
Gabriel A.
Informationstechnologie & -dienste, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
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Kommentare: Year after year, I use them because I can't find an alternative. However, every year it's an incredible fail how they manage to be consistently as bad and buggy, but DIFFERENT! It's like they try to fix stuff throughout the year but each thing they fix or add, something else breaks are starts acting strange. Here is a review from last year I posted on their Facebook that shows the problems I had with them at that time: ------------------------------- Absolute failure. Site was crashing, nobody responding to chat, and their toll free number instantly goes to a message that says "Sorry, this mail box is full, Good bye". Maybe if you just need to submit a few 1099s, they are ok. If you need to manage records and use the system to handle W9s and mass import data, it's abissmal. Seriously poor execution from start to finish. TAX1099, 2 steps to improve your service: 1) Hire more support staff and answer the phones, particulary during the busy time of year. You are guys knew this was coming, this is the name of your company! 1099! Prepare for it! 2) Clean up your service. There are so many bugs, basic features that are missing, and existing features that have been so poorly implemented, they are useless.

Vorteile: It's one of the only companies I've found that allow you to bulk manage online W9 requests and then later submit 1099 via spreadsheet imports

Nachteile: It's just awful. It barely works. There are so many bugs it's unreal, like, completely and utterly unreal how bad their site is. A lot of stuff doesn't work and if it does, it doesn't work right at all. They do not provide any support around tax season. Either they just don't bother and stop looking at complaints or they just can't handle the workload. Also, this month they removed their live chat feature. I guess they just can't handle it. I just submitted 300 forms to submit for 1099s. Everything was fine until the very last step where they ask you to select all the forms you want to submit. They broke my submission into 3 pages without an option to show all forms on one page. So I just selected all of the forms on the first page and submitted. Now I can't go back and submit the remaining ones - It's gone. Plus, I have no idea which were actually submitted. And support has gone on vacation.

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