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Quickly track projects, write essays and brainstorm with mind mapping solution written in Java.


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The standard Open Source mind mapping tool

Bewertet am 30.3.2019
Main editor
Computer-Software, Selbstständig
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Vorteile: Freemind has all the basic functionality that you can ask from a tool like this. It has one of the easiest and most logic key shortcuts to create and navigate through the maps. It’s great to take notes or brainstorming, as it shows the relations visually. It’s built on java, which means that it is multi-platform. And it’s free in all ways. This has become the standard Open Source tool for mind maps. If you find any application out there that exports to any mind map specific format (outside OPML, that it’s not mind mapping specific) it will be Freemind.

Nachteile: The simplicity in this case translates to simple graphical results. It’s not bad by itself, it lets you do the work without distraction. But if you want to impress your audience making an screenshot and putting it in a slideshow, you may want to try other tools, more oriented to the visual and graphic result.

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