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  • Softagile
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  • Gegründet 2001

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Real-time app for projects management, time tracking and timesheet compilation at your fingertips. It allows to record project activities simply and immediately with Timesheets, holidays, time off and smart working requests or other absences so that the company can have a real-time snapshot of their employees situation. It ensures simple, reliable and cost-efficient management of your data and can be integrated with EcosAgile Project&Timesheet cloud or with your current systems.


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In my personal opinion it is a complete software to manage projects and work schedules in real time.

Bewertet am 8.6.2018
Lilians C.
Especialista en proyectos de inversión
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Kommentare: It has greatly facilitated the control of work times and the requirements of each employee, saving time in monitoring each activity. Once I started using it, it has been a vital software in my daily activities, since it facilitates communication with each employee of the organization with real control of the activities.

Vorteile: It is a simple and very easy to use software, I really like that it allows to keep track of working time, including all the requirements of each of the workers, classifying them by work situation, it allows me to keep track of applications for permits , vacations, is a very versatile software, since it communicates to each employee the current situation by notifying each worker when he has a pending permit, by approval or when it has already been approved. On the other hand, it has allowed me to assign work activities to each person separately and gives the worker the opportunity to carry out the work hours he has invested in each assigned activity.

Nachteile: To take full control of any major work does not set clear parameters that reflect progress, it is necessary to take into account different complex variables inherent in each project.

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