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Our target group is individuals working in companies with 5-50 employees in the area of consulting, creative agencies, IT, technology and startups.

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  • Pinstriped
  • https://pinstriped.com/

Über Pinstriped

The easy way to run shorter and more focused meetings, helping you avoid detours and all the typical meeting BS.

Pinstriped Funktionen

  • Agenda verwalten
  • Ausschusssitzungen
  • Gesetzgebungs-Meetings
  • Interne Sitzungen
  • Materialwirtschaft
  • Protokoll-Management
  • Reisemanagement
  • Tagungsraum-Buchung
  • Teilnehmer-Management
  • Terminplanung
  • To-do-Listen Verfolgung
  • Tools für Vorgänge nach abgeschlossenen Meetings
  • Tools zum Vorbereiten von Meetings
  • Verwalten von Einladungen
  • Vorstandssitzungen
  • Wahl-Management

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Pinstriped Not Quite Ready for Primetime

Bewertet am 31.3.2019
Verifizierter Rezensent
Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Hochschulbildung, 501-1.000 Mitarbeiter
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3 / 5
3 / 5
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3 / 5
3 / 5
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Kommentare: I keep holding out hope that the Pinstriped developers will get this right eventually—probably because I unwisely purchased a lifetime subscription to this web-based service and a lifetime is a long time to be disappointed. All the parts and pieces are there, and I love the meeting timer that really does help keep you on track, but so far, even though they seem to be actively working on the product with incremental updates, those updates seem to break things that have worked in the past as often as they fix things that annoy and distract from its overall usefulness. I'm still rooting for you, developers. Let's get this thing working right. It can yet be awesome, and I would love to write a glowing review to replace this one some time soon.

Vorteile: The Pinstriped concept is spot-on, promising a one-stop place to create an agenda, collect supporting documents and annotate as you wish, distribute to meeting attendees, create minutes and monitor time during a meeting.

Nachteile: Several of the features seem half-baked or poorly-implemented. You might wish that uploaded documents (like say, your minutes from the previous meeting) would be attached to the respective agenda item, and you would be disappointed to find—no, that file and all others are plopped together in sa sfile depository st the bottom of the page. Worse, this repository can't be sorted other than the default alphabetic way.

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