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hibob is for forward-thinking businesses that know they are at their best when their people are too.

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33 Bewertungen
  • Gesamt 4.5 / 5
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit 4.5 / 5
  • Kundenservice 5 / 5
  • Funktionen 4 / 5
  • Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis 4.5 / 5


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  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
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  • Hibob
  • Gegründet 2016

Über bob

bob radically streamlines admin and improves employees experiences with a smart mobile app, a personalised benefits store and inviting onboarding and survey tools. The rich real-time data in bob gives decision-makers valuable insights and helps employees feel more connected to the people they work with wherever they are in the world.

bob Funktionen

  • Anpassbare Fragen
  • Bewerter-Nachverfolgung
  • Bewertungsauswahl
  • Fragenkatalog
  • Gruppen-Zusammenfassungsberichte
  • Individuelle Berichte
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Unterstützt externen Gutachter
  • Vergleichsberichte
  • Zusammenfassende Berichte
  • Aufgabentafel
  • Berichterstattung / Analyse
  • Erstellen von Unteraufgaben
  • Gamifikation
  • Gantt-/Zeitstrahlansicht
  • Management wiederkehrender Aufgaben
  • Mobiler Zugriff
  • Tabellenansicht
  • To-Do-Listenansicht
  • Verfolgung des Prozentsatzes bis zur Fertigstellung
  • Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit
  • Zeitverfolgung
  • 360-Grad-Feedback
  • Ausfallzeit-Management
  • Bewerber-Tracking
  • Einstellungen (Personalbeschaffung)
  • Employee Profiles
  • Entschädigungsmanagement
  • Leistungsmanagement
  • Lohn- und Gehaltslisten-Management
  • Mitarbeiter-Datenbank
  • Recruitment Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Verwaltung von Unterstützungsleistungen
  • Zeit- und Anwesenheitsmanagement
  • Aussagen zu Entschädigungen
  • Bonus-Management
  • Bonus-Programme
  • Entschädigungs-Berechnung
  • Entschädigungs-Bewertung
  • Entschädigungsplan-Modellierung
  • Gehaltsplanung
  • Mitarbeiter-Bonusprogramme
  • Organigramme
  • Abzug/Nachlass-Management
  • Anbieter-Management
  • COBRA Verwaltung
  • FMLA Verwaltung
  • FSA-Verwaltung
  • Für Makler
  • HIPAA konform
  • Invalidenversicherungs-Management
  • Krankenversicherung-Management
  • Lebensversicherung-Verwaltung
  • Mitarbeiter-Datenbank
  • Reklamationsabwicklung
  • Rentenplan-Management
  • Rentner-Verwaltung
  • Self-Service Portal
  • für Arbeitgeber
  • 360-Grad-Feedback
  • Anpassbare Vorlagen
  • Benutzerdefinierte Bewertungsskalen
  • Beurteilungen der Kompetenzen
  • Entschädigungsmanagement
  • Individuelle Entwicklungspläne
  • Kollegen-Bewertungen
  • Laufende Leistungsverfolgung
  • Review Cycle Tracking
  • Selbsteinschätzungen
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Weighted Performance Measures
  • Angestelltenhandbuch
  • Aufgabenmanagement
  • Dokumentenmanagement
  • Elektronische Formulare
  • Elektronische Unterschrift
  • Elektronische Verifizierung / I-9-Formulare
  • Orientierungs-Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Trainingsmanagement
  • Verwalten von Job-Beschreibungen
  • Arbeitsprognose
  • Auftragnehmer-Management
  • Fähigkeiten-Nachverfolgung
  • Kostenplanung und Prognosen
  • Lebenszyklus-Management für Mitarbeiter
  • Leistungsbeurteilung
  • Personalbeschaffung-Management
  • Terminplanung
  • Variable Mitarbeiter
  • Zeit & Teilnahme
  • Einstellungen (Personalbeschaffung)
  • Entschädigungsmanagement
  • Goal Setting
  • Individuelle Entwicklungspläne
  • Kompetenzmanagement
  • Lebenszyklus-Management für Mitarbeiter
  • Leistungsmanagement
  • Nachfolgeplanung
  • Recruitment Management
  • Trainingsmanagement

Die hilfreichsten Reviews für bob

I've chosen bob over another great product I was using in the past and haven't regretted!

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 6.6.2018
Elena M.
Chief People Officer
Personalwesen, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Quelle des Nutzers 
5 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5
Wahrscheinlichkeit der Weiterempfehlung:
Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: ease of HR management, also our finance team benefits from easy holidays/absenses management, payroll reports and such.
I'm doing all admin in bob, from contracts to onboarding, org structure, salary changes etc

Vorteile: It's very easy to use - user friendly interface, intuitive navigation, you can find whatever you need in the matter of seconds even if it's your first experience with the platform
It's beautiful - our employees love it too
The support team is amazing - they not only resolve any issues quickly, but they also listen to suggestions and implement them within reasonable time. I love getting product updates as I know that there will be something I asked about.
The system features everything you'd want from a modern HRIS and even more - we love club feature and about section - it helps employees learn more about each other and find common interests.
There's some functions that I'd love to have but they are not yet there (such as pre-boarding or e-signature) but the guys are constantly working on them and I've seen that for example e-signature is coming within next few weeks.

Nachteile: If we are talking about bob as HRIS there's very few things that I don't like, or rather I would like to have and they are not yet there - prebording being one example.
I'd love performance module to be more sophisticated but the guys have just introduced it and I see that it gets updated constantly, which is great. also, it's not a separate platform for performance management so I wouldn't expect it have all the features that other platforms dedicted to performance only have.
There are other small things (such as I can't send a survey to 1 person only), but they are small compared to all the benefits and again, I know that sooner or later those will be resolved too.

Easy to use. Comprehensive. Great support. Feedback is acted on. Know you are valued as a client.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 10.5.2018
Kate J.
People & Office Manager
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Quelle des Nutzers 
5 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5

Vorteile: Being able to feedback and see your feedback quickly acted on influencing the growth of the product. You feel valued and part of the journey. I am a 1 person HR/office team helping out a small finance team for a company of 50 and this software has saved me hours of time and stress. I am not even using it to its full potential yet due to finite time. It has also helped give power to employees where as an example they can see their annual leave so I don't have to keep spreadsheets and constantly update individuals. It is just their. Managers can see their teams, Org charts are great. adding photos so people can see who's who in a growing team and that is just the very tip of the iceberg that is bob. Fantastic.

Nachteile: The performance review section. I know when bob developed it they developed a product I was super excited about and holding out for. They, as any business would do, sought feedback and ended up releasing a much lighter touch performance review section based on the feedback. As a result I am going to use another platform which is more suited to my companies needs. However I am sure it will be a very suitable process for many companies, as their own research shows.

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