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Best for companies with a mobile workforce using fleet vehicles. Ideal for companies in HVAC, pest control, service industries, and all industries with fleets from 5-100+.

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  • Startpreis 22,95 $/Monat
  • Preisinformationen No up-front cost for hardware. No installation cost. Lifetime warranty.
  • Kostenlose Version Nein
  • Kostenlose Testversion Ja
  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Mobile - iOS Native
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  • Training Persönlich
    Live Online
  • Kundenbetreuung 24/7 (Live Vertreter)

Angaben zum Hersteller

  • Azuga
  • https://www.azuga.com
  • Gegründet 2012

Über Azuga Fleet

Azuga combines traditional GPS fleet tracking with driver visibility, gamification and rewards which focuses on offering driver-centric benefits to improve safety and ROI. Get the full picture of whats really happening on the road. Not just location but driver behavior, speeding, idling, stops, hard braking, vehicle health and diagnostics and risky events where and when they happen, by the minute plus an array of features only Azuga delivers. Get a FREE demo today.

Azuga Fleet Funktionen

  • Arbeitsauftragsverwaltung
  • Fahrtenbuch
  • Fuhrpark
  • GPS Nachverfolgung
  • Inspektions-Management
  • Instandhaltungsmanagement
  • Inventarverwaltung
  • Kraftstoff-Management
  • Mitarbeitermanagement
  • Reifen-Management
  • Routing
  • VIN-Suche
  • Versandmanagement
  • Vorfall-Berichterstattung
  • Alarmfunktion / Benachrichtigungen
  • Echtzeit-Nachverfolgung
  • Fahrer-Management
  • Fahrzeug-Nachverfolgung
  • Gebietsmanagement
  • Historische Berichte
  • Mobile Nachverfolgung
  • Personenverfolgung
  • Routing
  • Statusverfolgung
  • Verfolgen von Vermögensanlagen

Die hilfreichsten Reviews für Azuga Fleet

Must Try!

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 18.12.2018
Brittany S.
Office Manager
Bau, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Quelle des Nutzers 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
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Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: We have been able to catch things such as knowing if a car battery has low voltage and notifying the driver before the battery dies on them. If a driver is ever in an accident, we are able to provide speed or hard breaking reports etc. This comes in handy for the purpose of proving how fast an individual was going. We have also been able to get accurate engine reports to mechanics when a check engine light is on. This saves lots of time when it comes to them running their own diagnostics tests. The devices send notifications if there is ever speeding, hard braking or fast acceleration. This is nice because we want to make sure our drivers are being safe but at the same time not driving irresponsibly in a company vehicle. We never have to wonder where our guys are, how they are driving or the health of the vehicle due to Azuga Fleet services. We love them!

Vorteile: The website is very user friendly. The GPS tracking is very accurate and always in a timely manner. Notifications are sent for various things but seeing what check engine light codes are coming up are super helpful when it comes to maintenance.

Nachteile: The only thing we have ever had trouble with is the lag time of when installing a new device to when it shows up in our online system. Other than that, we have no issues.

GPS for Field Technicians

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 21.9.2018
Jennifer H.
Internet, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Quelle des Nutzers 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5
Wahrscheinlichkeit der Weiterempfehlung:
Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: This software helps us to track our technicians that are spread far apart and gives us more oversight into what they are doing. It helps us to make sure that the employees we have are honest and are working as hard as they are supposed to. It helps us to make sure that our time cards are accurate and saves the company money on inaccurate time cards.

Vorteile: I love that when a customer calls in to find out where a technician is, I can let them know easily. I love that when a customer says our technician hasn't stopped by, I'm able to pull up their history and show that they were at the address for however long at whatever time. I love that it keeps our technicians honest, as we have them spread over the country and we are able to verify that they are up and moving at the time they are supposed to be. It also helps us track that they are not abusing the use of company vehicles.

Nachteile: The software does have some glitches. When I scroll out to the country wide view, it will combine technicians that are multiple states apart. At times, it doesn't update correctly so that our view of where technicians are is not entirely up to date.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Azuga an 24.9.2018

Thanks Jennifer. Glad to know is Azuga is working well for you. I'll make sure our team gets your feedback on scroll out view.

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