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Scout is a flexible dog walking and pet sitting software for companies of any size. Both independent dog walkers and large companies can take advantage of Scout's advanced features.

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33 Bewertungen
  • Gesamt 5 / 5
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit 5 / 5
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  • Startpreis $25/Monat
  • Preisinformationen $25 for your first user. $15 per additional active user.
  • Kostenlose Version Nein
  • Kostenlose Testversion Ja
  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Mobile - iOS Native
    Mobile - Android Native
  • Training Live Online
  • Kundenbetreuung 24/7 (Live Vertreter)
    Support während der Geschäftszeiten

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  • PetMethod
  • Gegründet 2015

Über Scout

Mobile friendly dog walking solution designed to automate scheduling, staff management, billing, and more.

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  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • GPS Check-in / Check-out
  • Kreditkartenbearbeitung
  • Kundenmanagement
  • Kundenportal
  • Mitarbeiter-Management
  • Schlüsselverwaltung (IT)
  • Terminplanung
  • Wiederkehrende Termine

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I love this app, and so do my clients!

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 28.3.2019
Melissa H.
Verbraucherdienste, Selbstständig
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
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4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5
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Kommentare: Scout has solved all of my organizational/scheduling problems, and has also entirely managed my billing for me, and for these two reasons alone I'm really thrilled with the software and plan to continue using it indefinitely. The added benefit of being able to keep my clients updated about their services in real time is the icing on the cake! Being able to communicate with clients in this way has also really cut down on the amount of time I need to spend outside of service appointments in discussion with them - leaving more of my downtime for me. Love this app and despite a few issues around increased functionality and options, would strongly recommend it to anyone in the industry.

Vorteile: This software is so easy to use - easy enough that all of my clients thus far have been able to use it with minimal troubleshooting from me, and they all LOVE it, even the ones who were initially sceptical or just not as excited about the benefits of the app. On my end, the simplicity of the app and desktop software made it easy to jump into using quickly - a very minor learning curve. I don't have any employees at this time but if that day ever comes I feel really confident that it will be easy for anyone I hire to pick up and use this software.

Nachteile: The one thing I have noted a couple of times is that the simplicity of the software does at times mean there are fewer options to for how you can use it. I checked into a couple of other similar platforms and was immediately overwhelmed by how many options were available to customize them to my own specific needs - so not having so many options was a selling point for me, but there have been times when I wished the app worked in ways that it simply does not yet. Having said that, the developers are awesome about requesting and listening to feedback from users, and they even have a system in place for users to publicly discuss and weigh in on potential changes - using the Trello website you can even see the updated progress that is being made towards implementing new options and changes. Also the developers are incredibly good about responding to any and all problems that might come up, no matter how small, in an almost shockingly short amount of time! So the customer service is another huge selling point.

Super simple to use. Quick to setup. It just works, so we don't have to.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 11.6.2018
Matt B.
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
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5 / 5
5 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5

Vorteile: This software seems like it was built for us. We have been doing sitting/walking since 2001, so have learned some lesson along the way. Most experienced companies are learning the same lessons and then mitigating them in one of a few ways. Scout is great because it's clear they have learned these same lessons and take you right to the solutions that matter. Here are the heavy hitters for us that Scout "just does".
Employee issues (scheduling/availability, payroll/commissions, accountability/quality assurance). Logistics (home access details, workflow, job assignment).
Customer (auto-invoicing, auto-billing, walk status, walker location, request appointments, electronic agreements, etc).
What this means is that we can reduce manual effort which both increases accuracy as well as free up time to focus ON the business instead of IN the business. In addition to these awesome software features, it is dead simple to use and the support team is spectacular. New releases are happening constantly and they come directly from customer feedback.

Nachteile: Right now it requires two apps (one for customers and one for walkers) while only allowing administrative access via webpage. It would be nice to have a web interface for customers and administrative duties, and then consolidate to a single app (while also adding administrative functions). From our communications with the dev team, this is going to be a part of one of their big releases, so I guess this "Con" will be short-lived anyway.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von PetMethod an 12.6.2018

Matt, thank you for the amazing review! We really appreciate it!

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