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Roll focuses on business performance. Facts and figures give you the tools and visibility you need to run your business and get the edge over your competition.

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37 Bewertungen
  • Gesamt 4.5 / 5
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit 4.5 / 5
  • Kundenservice 5 / 5
  • Funktionen 4.5 / 5
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  • ROLL
  • Gegründet 2014


Track leads and opportunities, manage projects, tasks, track time and keep track of every projects financial position. ROLL has fast and efficient process. Your team and contractors willl spend more time delivering projects. For managers and business owners, ROLL also forecasts future revenue giving you visibility and control. ROLL is a faster, better way of working.

Customers include creative businesses, consultancies, digital agencies, civil engineers and other services based businesses.


ROLL Funktionen

  • Aufgabentafel
  • Berichterstattung / Analyse
  • Erstellen von Unteraufgaben
  • Gamifikation
  • Gantt-/Zeitstrahlansicht
  • Management wiederkehrender Aufgaben
  • Mobiler Zugriff
  • Tabellenansicht
  • To-Do-Listenansicht
  • Verfolgung des Prozentsatzes bis zur Fertigstellung
  • Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit
  • Zeitverfolgung
  • Agile Methodiken
  • Anpassbare Vorlagen
  • Budgetmanagement
  • Gantt-Diagramme
  • Ideenmanagement
  • Kanban-Tafel
  • Kundenportal
  • Meilensteinverfolgung
  • Portfoliomanagement
  • Ressourcenmanagement
  • Traditionelle Methodiken
  • Verfolgung der Kosten bis zur Fertigstellung
  • Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit
  • Zeit & Kosten Verfolgung
  • Anpassbares Dashboard
  • Aufgabenmanagement
  • Automatisierung von Geschäftsprozessen
  • Compliance-Verfolgung
  • Dokumentenmanagement
  • Drittanbieter-Integration
  • Formularverwaltung
  • Grafischer Workflow Bearbeiter
  • Kalenderverwaltung
  • Mobiler Zugriff
  • No-Code
  • Workflow-Konfiguration
  • Zugriffskontrollen/Berechtigungen
  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • Abrechnungsfähige & Nicht-abrechnungsfähige Stunden
  • Automatische Zeiterfassung
  • Mehrere Abrechnungstarife
  • Mitarbeiter-Datenbank
  • Mobile Zeiterfassung
  • Offline-Zeiterfassung
  • Urlaubsverwaltung
  • Zeittabellen-Management
  • Überstunden-Berechnung

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I use Roll to manage projects, track time spent and manage clients in my Graphic Design Business.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 28.1.2018
Sharon F.
Owner / Graphic Designer
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
4 / 5

Vorteile: Xero integration and sync is a winner no more re-entering data! This goes both for invoicing and also client contact information. Love how they talk to each other (both ways) and Roll just 'knows' what the next invoice in Xero is. Also, I like how I can approve the invoice and then send a PDF myself via Xero. I don't use the invoice from within the software as I have a custom template, so don't want to use the standard one the Roll issues. If in a future release if I could import my Xero Invoice template it would perfect. Invoicing my logged time (and the ability to edit this on the fly before 'approving' an invoice) is just what I need. I can round figures and adjust things as needed. Time tracking seems to be working well for me too, and as I often skip from one job to another during the day, the Multi-timers to track my time for several projects is great. I can stop and start each one as the need arises and just hit 'complete' at the end of the day and the time is logged to each job. Adding attachments is useful too, as it allows me to add a PDF or link to the final job completed for my future reference. I'm sure this is will come in handy to send a quick reference file to a client in the future (when they ask 'what did you do last time?') and save me the hassle of searching my archived projects for this. I also like how I can setup custom folders in the Projects section to move the job status through the project workflow and know exactly what stage each is at.

Nachteile: I can't adjust the width of columns in 'all projects' or 'all contacts' view so longer names or descriptions are cut off. If I could adjust these I could quickly slide the column wider to see what I need to see, rather than having to open the individual project or contact. Also, I'm not a big fan of how the 'invoice this month' fields works as I find it confusing and the options given don't always suit my projects. For example, I may have a large ongoing project that lasts 12 months and just bill time taken each month. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an easy way to set 'guesstimates' that vary, and I found once I changed these settings it was inflexible in changing back and then logged future bill amounts but wouldn't reset. It hasn't really give appropriate forecasting reports for me (which is what it was intended for), so I have avoided using this so far and have just gone the default 'bill later' and used the reporting to look at actual billed items. I may need to learn a bit more how this works, but given everything else in the software has been simple and intuitive, I just haven't bothered about trying to research it further and make it work for me yet.

Roll has helped us find the many many hours we didn't know that we were losing.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 21.1.2018
Karen M.
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Quelle des Nutzers 
5 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5
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Kommentare: Using Roll in our business on a daily basis, we've found the 'lost' hours that we never quite knew where the time is going. With the implementation of Roll it has allowed us to find those hours and ensure that they're now chargeable, improving our bottomline. It's also been great that if a client has queried our time on a project, we've captured everything in Roll with a brief description - again helping us give clarity to the client of just how long a project may take.

Vorteile: We love Roll's simplicity. It's clean in design to use, nothing is complicated - it's a case of setting up a client in the software, adding users, chargeout rates, then clicking the timer on and off on each job - truly that simple!
It's a great tracker of what jobs you've got in the system, where they are at, which team member is working on the job, and the value the hours on the job, so you know exactly where you are at for end of month budget.
Being able to add costs to the jobs as well, ensures that you know whether you've made a profit, or you're about to make a loss - which means you can go back and understand where and why that loss has been made.
The ability to set up tasks and notes is also great - love the notes section, as that's where we can jot things that are sometimes forgotten.
You can set different hourly rates for different team members, great for tracking their chargeouts at the end of each day, week or month.
We've been able to set up a chargeout for unproductive time and that has been a game-changer for us - understanding where we're losing time and whether it can be charged out, whereas previously we never understood where our lost 'unchargeable' hours were used. We've fine tuned everything now and its made a huge difference to our bottomline.
Love the fact that everytime we click into a job, we can put a brief description of what we are doing on the job - i.e. photo manipulation, telephone discussion with client etc.

Nachteile: To be fair, there's not much that we don't like about the software and if we have found something that we think would be beneficial to everyone - not just us, we have let the development team know and the have been very receptive to our requests.
At the end of each project you need to click COMPLETE to ensure that at the end of the day your hours appear in the right day. If you keep that job open and just keep adding time to it, it can sometimes appear that you have worked a very long day. Best to click complete at the end of each action within the job.
Also very easy to shut down your computer at the end of the day (especially on a Friday) and then get back on Monday only to find your clock has been going all weekend on a project!

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