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Was ist SpikeFli Analytics?

SpikeFli ist eine cloudbasierte Business-Intelligence-Technologie, die Abrechnungsdaten von Lieferanten liest, analysiert und anzeigt, sodass Unternehmen ihre Betriebskosten für Telekommunikations- und Informationstechnologie in einer zentralen Plattform verstehen und verwalten können. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Spediteuren und IT-Anbietern, die ihrer Kundschaft ein grundlegendes Maß an Berichterstattung und Analysen bietet, wurde das SpikeFli-Mandat entwickelt, um sicherzustellen, dass Unternehmen die Fakten haben, die sie zur Kostensenkung, Verwaltung von Ressourcen und Budgets benötigen.

Wer verwendet SpikeFli Analytics?

KMU- und Unternehmensebene. Unternehmen mit mehreren Telekommunikations-/IT-Anbietern und -Produkten, die in einer zentralen Plattform verwaltet werden können. Sonstige TEM-/IT-Unternehmen/Telekommunikationsanbieter und -berater.

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SpikeFli Analytics

SpikeFli Analytics

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SpikeFli is a smart choice TEMS platform to better manage our wireless program of over 6000 devices

5,0 vor 5 Jahren

Kommentare: This is a SaaS solution that is extremely easy to use. There was no formal training needed to be able to use it right off the bat and derive value from it. The Asset management area is wonderful, giving you quick, informative access to your devices and where they are deployed. The alerts area is fantastic to help you deal with the low hanging fruit to better manage your wireless program on a day to day basis. From alerts on unassigned devices to alerts on no usage devices this is a fantastic area to look for cost savings. SpikeFli's unique mapping feature makes it easy to see if your wireless program is over-deployed in some areas and too thin in others. One or the reasons SpikeFli was our choice was that the analytics displayed on the screen were meeting ready and printed out exactly like they appeared without being truncated or needing reformatting. This saves so much time. The people at SpikeFli are the kindest, most responsive and willing to help I have found. They are always approachable and willing to listen, solve problems and collaborate on everything. I consider them assets and part of our team. They constantly challenge convention and evaluate ways to improve SpikeFli and deliver easy to use solutions to their clients. This program is tough to beat fro a value and ease of use standpoint. Many TEMS programs out there that we looked at were too intricate and too costly making it difficult to realize ROI. Not SpikeFli, it was a no brainer. Already saved thousands.


Overall likes that moved us to choose SpikeFli were 1. Ease of use compared to others on the market with a clean, graphical interface. No long difficult set up or credits to purchase for lengthy training. You can use it easily with almost no help right away. 2. Excellent value for the money compared to more well known programs that made it easy to begin a relationship with them and stand up the environment. 3. Ability to integrate information from many carriers and manage both telecom and IT assets in one place.


Did not have a defined billing component at the time we adopted this program, but leadership at SpikeFli was committed to custom developing this area with us (for a cost) because it was vital to how we managed our wireless program. They are always approachable and willing to listen to suggestions and ideas to move their platform forward.

Antwort von SpikeFli Analytics

vor 5 Jahren

Thank you for that amazing review, SpikeFli user! We are grateful to be part of each and and every one of our clients business. Thank you for challenging us to be the best Telecom & IT management software out there.

VP in Kanada
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

HPCI Vendor & Expense Mgmt.......could not scale without SpikeFli.

5,0 vor 7 Jahren


Reduced human resources required to produce quality results for our clients. Has improved our sales cycles. Clients are more apt to do business with companies that invest in technology to make their life easier. Product has evolved to manage more than just wireless telecom. Which means our services have evolved for our clients. The pricing model is hands down, a drop in the bucket compared to the money we'd spend compiling the data, and creating the deliverables for our clients if we were doing it manually. Or had to buy expensive software licenses. The back-end CRM allows us to ensure our SLA's are in line with our promises. Able to produce high quality results reports for our clients instantly, which highlight the wow factor we bring to our clients business every day.


We look forward to being able to customize the Dashboard, and Alerts section. We wish that it allowed for real-time usage monitoring like a traditional MDM software ($$)

Verwendete die Software für: Nicht angeboten
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3,0 vor 8 Jahren

Kommentare: The customer service and response time is great. However, we would appreciate that our original bills(Telus) to be attached to the monthly report from HPCI as support. This will enable us to make time payments to the vendor.

Antwort von SpikeFli Analytics

vor 8 Jahren

Hi Giri, Thank you for that feedback. I have forward your request to your account manager. Chances are very good that if you need that, then the rest of our clients need it too. Look forward to that change being implemented immediately. Cheers, Your HPCI Team

HRBP in Kanada
Medizinische Praxis, 201–500 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Herkunft der Bewertung

Canadian Industrial Paramedics, Ltd. and the HPCI Portal

5,0 vor 8 Jahren

Kommentare: HPCI as a company focuses strongly on customer service, and it shows. We have never been happier with a vendor or the products that they provide. That being said, when the HPCI customer portal was introduced, it added yet another layer to the prompt, effective service that this company offers. With endless uses, reports, and strategic data, we find it so easy to view where we are overspending and where we can make changes to save money -- if HPCI hasn't pointed it out already!


Functionality and reports


At times, when reporting a troubleshooting service request, the details of the request do not come through to the service team.

Antwort von SpikeFli Analytics

vor 8 Jahren

Hi Sheena, Thanks for the great comments, and even more importantly the feedback to help us get better! Your HPCI Service Team.

Administration in Kanada
Landwirtschaft, 2–10 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

HPCI Telecom

5,0 vor 8 Jahren

Kommentare: HPCI is an amazing company always has your best interest I would recommend them to anyone. The program they use is easy navigation. They always stay on top of our account and change as required.

Antwort von SpikeFli Analytics

vor 8 Jahren

Thanks, Jennifer! Sims has been a long term client for many years. We have appreciated your loyalty. Your HPCI Team.