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  • BMC Software
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Über BladeLogic Server Automation

Deine Server sind die Engines, auf denen deine Geschäftsdienste ausgeführt werden, entweder virtuell, physisch oder in der Cloud. Sie müssen schnell, wiederholt und ohne Risiko eingerichtet werden können. Verwalte sie mit automatisierten, richtlinienbasierten Lösungen, die dafür sorgen, dass deine wichtigen Unternehmensdienste jederzeit reibungslos funktionieren. BladeLogic Server Automation verwaltet selbst die größten Änderungs- und Konfigurationsaufgaben einfach und problemlos.


BladeLogic Server Automation Funktionen

  • Audit Trail (Prüfpfad)
  • Automatische Geräteerkennung
  • Diagnostisches Testen
  • Import / Export von Daten
  • JCL-Management
  • Mehrere Nutzer
  • Mehrere Plattformen
  • Querverweis-System
  • Sardanes-Oxley-Compliance
  • Strom-Management
  • Verhalten-basierte Beschleunigung
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BSA - Best In Breed For Enterprise Server Automation

Bewertet am 22.1.2015
Chris B.
Top Technical Specialist Automation and Monitoring
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
4 / 5

Kommentare: Many of the products that I have used in the past were "as good as you wanted to write it". This was the fist thing that jumped out at me about this product. For common tasks (and some not so common) the functionality is already baked into the product. What's more? Now I have a single interface that both Windows and UNIX administrators can both use effectively as well! The compliance engine is what really makes this product shine. We manage 6,000+ servers' configuration drift with over 100 checks each on a nightly basis, track all findings in Remedy ITSM, remediate issues found, and create incidents for failed remediations. As impressive as this is, we do it in a 100% automated fashion meaning that there is no one kicking it off, monitoring, etc. It works so well, in fact, most people forget it's there. We also use BSA for software distribution, audits, server provisioning, and so much more because what's not out of the box it extendible by various methods. So, this is a product that is "as good as you want to write it, but you don't often have to". Now, there is some ramp up time to get proficient. There are some good YouTube videos as well as formal education offerings to aid in this area. The installation looks fairly straightforward, but I would recommend use of BMC's professional services here to get it done completely, assist with performance tuning, as well as providing guidance on security, layout, and even implementation of initial use cases for some real time knowledge transfer to local staff. Upgrades are probably the weakest area of the product, that has gotten better in the last few releases. In a large environment, the upgrade takes hours upon hours to complete from the application / database prospective. Once completed, all agents will need to be upgraded as well. This takes a lot of planning and testing is a must. When problems occur, BSA technical support is pretty good at getting you the right answer though you may experience a few gyrations before feeling like your issue is actively being addressed. My co-worker would tell people "If you can sit at your desk and do it to your server, BSA can do it." When a product like BSA is combined with a product like Atrium Orchestrator, I have to agree with him in most cases. BSA is a powerful, feature rich application that touches the heart of server management, breathes life into automated management, and provides the backbone for our compliance and remediation.

Used BMC Server Automation - Network Automation Tool

Bewertet am 6.12.2016
Alpeshkumar G.
Senior Software Developer
Bankwesen, 10.001+ Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
4 / 5
3 / 5
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Kommentare: One of the great automation tool I have used, value for money when compared with HP priority solution.
Easy to use and easily scalable, also provide very good support for onboarding new devices on platform.

Vorteile: Best tool for automating administrative task like policy enforcement, policy update , Firmware updates, security audits and one of the best Role based access tool for user.
new devices from various vendors can be onwarded by just providing customized XML which communicated over SSH with devices for admistrative task.
Customer Support team is very responsive and provided very good tech support.
Best part is tool is easy to use and having intuitive GUI which makes it finest product in automation.

Nachteile: Tool do not provide "maintance mode" or "trial mode" for assessing impact of changes being enforced by Admin.
Generated reports need to improve so that less-technical manager can also understand it very well.

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