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Reiance ist für Immobilieninvestoren, Immobilienmakler und Privatpersonen gedacht, die nach Immobilien suchen. Jeder, der mehrere Immobilien im Auge behalten muss, wird davon profitieren.

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Reiance hilft Dir dabei, Informationen über Deine Immobilien-Geschäfte zu organisieren und mit Deinem Team zusammenzuarbeiten. Mit Reiance kannst Du verschiedene Informationen, wie Immobilien-Angaben, Kontakte, Bewertungen, Angebote, Videos, Karten, Notizen, Änderungsprotokolle, Einschätzung und mehr speichern. Es umfasst ebenfalls Funktionen, um Suchen für Deine Immobilie zu tätigen und Deine Immobilien zu verwalten. Privatpersonen und Unternehmen können sie benutzen, um ihre Deal-Pipeline (Auftragsvorbereitungen) zu optimieren.


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I Use Reiance for Real Estate Deals, Origination, Underwriting and Marketing.

Bewertet am 24.3.2016
Z. L.
Origination Specialist
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Kommentare: I use Reiance in my work in real estate origination. As a database, Reiance does an excellent job of organizing property details and contacts, and allows you to add helpful notes and updates. The user interface is clean and refreshing with a white background and green font, making working for extended periods less of a strain. The format is logical and intuitive, and organized like social media apps, so minimal training is needed and employees can start using it right away. Site navigation and program features are self-explanatory and easy to discover.

Reiance is divided into four sections: Dashboard, Properties, Contacts, and a Blog, which are accessed from the upper right-hand corner. As with most programs, links to your company's page, your account (under your name), and a log out option are located further in the upper right-hand corner.

The main section is the Properties section, where assets within the system are listed and searchable according to their name or criteria such as location, asset type, number of units, descriptive tags, or grade by category, making it easy to customize your search. This makes focusing on properties within a specific region or geographical area effortless and straightforward.

Each property entry is highly customizable with specific sections, such as asset category, number of units, tasks, ratings, etc... A sidebar on the left-hand side of the page allows you to jump to each section immediately. Included in each page are embedded Google Maps and Streetview functionality, as well as the option to upload and embed a YouTube video. This is particularly useful when collaborating with your team and in meetings on asset quality. Seeing a video of the asset in question helps brings a reality to detailed discussions.

A 'Nearby' button shows a map of the property, along with all proximate properties in the area. A list of entries follows in order of increasing distance. This 'Nearby' function is great for doing market comparisons of comparable properties or focusing origination or marketing campaigns.

All told, Reiance is a very accessible, user-friendly, and elegantly designed property management system. It is designed for real estate professionals and can be customized for a wide variety of assets, from office and commercial to residential and shopping centers.

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