Was ist SkyCiv Structural 3D?

SkyCiv Structural 3D ist ein Cloud-basiertes Strukturanalyse-Programm, mit dem Anwender komplexe 3D-Strukturen modellieren und lösen können. Es ist vollständig online; keine Installation erforderlich. SkyCiv Structural 3D bietet die beste Online-Strukturanalyse. Sie enthält die Ergebnisse für: - Bending und Shear Force und Stress - Axial Force und Stress -Deflection - Buckling-Analyse - Torsion - Vollständige 3D-Renderer mit Ergebnissen - PDF-Analyse und Reporting

Wer verwendet SkyCiv Structural 3D?

Mechanische, strukturelle und andere Ingenieure auf der ganzen Welt

SkyCiv Structural 3D – Details

SkyCiv Engineering

2013 gegründet

SkyCiv Structural 3D Kosten


19,99 $/Monat
  • Ja, kostenloser Test verfügbar
  • Ja, Gratisversion verfügbar

SkyCiv Structural 3D bietet eine Gratisversion und eine kostenlose Testversion. Die kostenpflichtige Version von SkyCiv Structural 3D ist ab 19,99 $/Monat verfügbar.

Preismodelle Kostenlose Testversion

SkyCiv Structural 3D – Details

SkyCiv Engineering

2013 gegründet

SkyCiv Structural 3D – Videos und Bilder

Videos zu SkyCiv Structural 3D
SkyCiv Structural 3D Software - 1 - Vorschau
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SkyCiv Structural 3D Software - 5 - Vorschau

SkyCiv Structural 3D – Bereitstellung und Support


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  • Cloud, SaaS, webbasiert
  • Android (mobil)
  • iPhone (mobil)
  • iPad (mobil)


  • Live Online
  • Dokumentation

Funktionen von SkyCiv Structural 3D

  • 2D-Zeichnung
  • 3D-Imaging
  • API
  • Aktivitäts-Dashboard
  • Anforderungsmanagement
  • Anpassbare Felder
  • Anpassbare Vorlagen
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  • Berichterstattung und Statistik
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  • CAD-Werkzeuge
  • Chemikalienmanagement
  • Compliance Management
  • Datei-Verwaltung
  • Dateitransfer
  • Daten-Import / -Export
  • Datenerfassung und Übertragung
  • Datenvisualisierung
  • Design-Analyse
  • Design-Management
  • Dokumentenerstellung
  • Dokumentenmanagement
  • Dokumentenspeicher
  • Drittanbieter-Integration
  • Elektrisch
  • Fertigungsdesign-Daten
  • Historische Berichte
  • Inhalt-Bibliothek
  • Konfigurationsmanagement
  • Konfigurierbarer Workflow
  • Material-Rechnung
  • Mechanisch
  • Mechatronik
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  • Werkzeuge zur Zusammenarbeit
  • Zivil
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  • Zusammenfassende Berichte

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  • Prognose
  • Prognosen
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  • Sicherheitsmanagement
  • Supply-Chain-Management
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  • Workflow-Management
  • Überwachung

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  • API
  • Aktivitäts-Dashboard
  • Anwendungs-Zugriffskontrolle
  • Archivierung & Aufbewahrung
  • Automatische Sicherung
  • Backup und Recovery
  • Berichterstattung / Analyse
  • Compliance Management
  • Datei-Verwaltung
  • Dateitransfer
  • Datenmigration
  • Datenspeicher-Management
  • Datenvisualisierung
  • Desktop-/Anwendungsvirtualisierung
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Drittanbieter-Integration
  • Echtzeit-Berichterstattung
  • Echtzeitüberwachung
  • Einmalige Anmeldung
  • Ereignisprotokolle
  • Ferngesteuertes Update / Installation
  • HIPAA konform
  • Integration des aktiven Verzeichnisses (AD)
  • Kapazitätsmanagement
  • Konfigurationsmanagement
  • Lastverteilung
  • Leistungsüberwachung
  • Namensraum-Management
  • Provisionierung virtueller Maschinen
  • Remote-Monitoring und -Management
  • Remote-Zugriff/-Kontrolle
  • Rollen-basierte Genehmigung
  • Server-Überwachung
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  • Sichere Datenspeicherung
  • Snapshots virtueller Maschinen
  • Verschlüsselung virtueller Maschinen
  • Versionskontrolle
  • Virtuelle Maschinen-Überwachung
  • Visuelle Analytik
  • Warnungen / Eskalation
  • Zugriffskontrollen / Berechtigungen
  • Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung

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Juan alejandro C.
Project Engineer in Mexiko
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Design, 11-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

Excellent software for innovation

5 vor 3 Jahren

Kommentare: Our business is on special designs for innovated processes that involved equipments and systems with structures that works in specific environments, so SkyCiv Structural 3D help us on the design with iteration process. We started of using SkyCiv Structural 3D when we developed a 6 m of diameter door for vacuum application with a huge hinge using just SkyCiv Structural 3D, it was the only option for designing on real time when we are welding and fabricating on shop, supporting the improvement process that changes the design every day.


The easy way of modelling, ideal for experienced and non experienced designers.


The mesh size when uses plates, I mean the most of the cases is just fine, but sometimes we design with our own plate design, so mesh and number of nodes are critical.

Bruce A.
Operations and Engineering in USA
Erneuerbare Energien & Umwelt, 2-10 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

Long time user loves the new features

5 letztes Jahr

Kommentare: SkyCiv was there when I needed them a few years ago and getting this business going. They are there every time I need help. Very nice to have this software for our business.


I like that you are continually improving and upgrading the software and developing new features all the time. I am an old school engineer doing a lot of analysis via spreadsheets and long hand formulas. When we started designing various solar carports and other structures I needed to quickly evaluate spans, member sizes etc and this program really helped a lot! The cost is also very reasonable while about every other engineering product is expensive and some very complicated.


I am probably ignorant but I would love to easily change the display fonts for the output and be able to shift the info to eliminate blank page spaces. Analysis output typically takes a lot of pages and I hate having too many with info most will never use.

Verifizierter Rezensent
Project Enginer in USA
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Tiefbau, 1.001-5.000 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Herkunft der Bewertung

It's nothing special

3 vor 2 Jahren

Kommentare: I have used both enercalcs and SkyCiv, which have similar capabilities. I prefer Enercalc because it is much more intuitive and easier to set up the simple calcs you want to do.


It was useful for analyzing a built-up steel section and had good visualization capabilities. Everything is saved in their cloud, which is a nice feature to have.


The types of structural analysis that are offered are limited. There may be more functions in the future, but for now it is useful only for a small number of projects.

Nikunj M.
Executive in Indien
Tiefbau, 2-10 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Herkunft der Bewertung

skyCiv Structural 3D

5 letztes Jahr

Kommentare: Linear and Non linear analysis easily carried out through this software. it gives speed result of them and easily access their files and program from web browser anytime.


Structural analysis software on the cloud. yes, easy to use . it is considering the less time for Structure analysis.


No, powerful analysis and design the structure through this software. It subjected to easily modelling functionality. it provides good and easy process for understanding and then analyzing.

Ottmar B.
Engineer in Kanada
Kunststoffe, Selbstständig
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung

Great software for solving structural problems

5 vor 5 Jahren

Kommentare: I am using the software to investigate the behavior of a construction given various elements to build it with. It is really easy to learn and you can use the built-in templates or make your own. It also allows the use of plates that can be meshed giving you a glimpse of FEA. The one thing that is outstanding is their service. Extremely helpful and going far beyond what you would expect in this day and age. I actually had one of the developers assist me, even making some drawings for me. I never had that happen with any software support and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.


Easy to learn, very flexible, great customer service, ability to specify custom materials


While I have not explored it in detail it seems the DXF import feature needs some work