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  • Funktionen 4.5 / 5
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  • Startpreis 10,00 $/Monat
  • Kostenlose Version Ja
  • Kostenlose Testversion Ja
  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Training Persönlich
    Live Online
  • Kundenbetreuung 24/7 (Live Vertreter)
    Support während der Geschäftszeiten

Angaben zum Hersteller

  • Unito
  • http://unito.io
  • Gegründet 2016

Über Unito

Unito ist eine Synchronisationsplattform, mit der Profis nahtlos über die Anwendung ihrer Wahl zusammenarbeiten können, seien es die Manager in Asana, Trello, Basecamp oder spezialisierte Teams in GitHub, Jira und mehr. Unito sieht eine Zukunft, in der Profis ihre eigenen Softwaretools zur Arbeit mitbringen, so wie sie heute ihre eigenen Geräte mitbringen.

Unito Funktionen

  • Dashboard
  • ETL – extrahieren / transferieren / laden
  • Internetdienste
  • Mehrfache Datenquellen
  • Metadata-Management

Die hilfreichsten Reviews für Unito

Great tool to sync Jira with other project management systems

Bewertet am 19.2.2018
Tatiana A.
Product Manager
Computer-Software, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Quelle des Nutzers 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
3 / 5
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Vorteile: I'm using Unito's Asana to Jira synchronization and it works perfectly.
It syncs all statuses (Jira status can be mapped to any Asana section), all tasks content, comments, subtasks (available as a beta feature) back and forth.
One little perfect detail is that it adds link to Jira ticket to the end of Asana description task, and vice versa. So two entities are linked perfectly. AND it adds a Jira ticket number to the Asana task title, very convenient. Before that I tried to sync two tools with Zapier and it just didn't work. Zapier integration was creating copies on task updates, statuses wouldn't work.
So I was happy when I found Unito. The setup was really easy to do, and it works quickly. That team does a really good job!
Also their support is great, I was able to ask and get answers to all my questions, and send them a couple of suggestions on what to improve.

Nachteile: Their pricing model.
It's a pay per active user, meaning that each user mentioned in the ticket would cost you additional amount.
That's independent on whether this person actually works on your project, or the ticket was just transferred to you from another team. All users that are just technical, e.g. Gitlab user, also count in.

Project Management made easy with a powerful integration tool

Bewertet am 29.4.2019
Shayne H.
Director of Sales
Internet, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 1-5 Monate
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
4 / 5
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Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: One thing that I love about Unito is that it can enable you to synchronize Asana to Jira very easily. All statuses get synced (I'm talking about the Jira Statuses that can be mapped to Asana Sections). Everything from comments to tasks and even subtasks can be synchronized. Their customer support is also on point as I got all my questions answered in no time. They are also very open to suggestions that can help them improve. Dealing with a company that holds customer sovereignty highly is a wonderful experience.

Vorteile: 1) General: Unito is fairly priced and appears robust. You can easily tell that the app is built keeping durability and reliability in mind. I mean, I've not witnessed any bugs or errors so far. Even the setting up process was a breeze. Unito also allowed me to seamlessly mirror my Jira/Asana approaches without any data redundancy. 2) Synchronization Feature: The synchronization feature is very powerful and allows me to connect two applications and keep them up to date.

Nachteile: 1) Data Field-Mapping: In my opinion, Unito is not fit for field-mapping, however, I've found many walkarounds around this issue and I'm pretty sure you can too. This certainly isn't a deal breaker because I've found ways to counter this.

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