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Orderly serves independent restaurants, chains, and restaurant groups.

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  • Funktionen 4/5
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  • Startpreis 195,00 $/Monat
  • Preisinformationen Base price is $195 per site.
  • Kostenlose Version Ja
  • Gratis Testen Ja
  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
    Mobile - iOS Native
    Mobile - Android Native
  • Training Persönlich
    Live Online
  • Kundenbetreuung Support während der Geschäftszeiten

Angaben zum Hersteller

  • Siftit
  • http://www.getorderly.com
  • Gegründet 2013

Über Orderly

Orderly is the essential way to manage your food costs. It saves you time and money, taking you out of the freezer counting inventory and into the heart of your restaurant. Instead of stacks of invoices, data entry, and inventory management - you get a simple easy-to-read dashboard of exactly how your restaurant is doing. Just snap photos of your invoices and update your weekly sales projections. We'll take care of the rest.

Orderly Funktionen

  • Abrechnung & Rechnungsstellung
  • Berichterstattung / Analyse
  • Integrierte Buchführung
  • Inventarverwaltung
  • Küchenmanagement
  • Menüverwaltung
  • Mitarbeitermanagement
  • Reservierung-Management
  • Tabellenverwaltung
  • Verkaufspunkt POS
  • Wartelisten-Management

Die hilfreichsten Reviews für Orderly

Empowering managers and small business owners with COGS snapshots and time saving

Bewertet am 10.5.2019
Verifizierter Rezensent
Gastgewerbe, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
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Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
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Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: my overall experience with orderly started with one branch of business that was devoted primarily to production and some offsite events. orderly allowed me to keep track of all of my costs and ingredients in a streamlined way and for my offsite bookkeepers to integrate seamlessly to check invoices and pay the bills.

Vorteile: I can check my up to date vitals on a daily basis. It saves me time personally and also saves on labor cost by cutting down on hours that would be necessary to accomplish the same numbers tasks.

Nachteile: nothing that i care least about the software to be noteworthy

This product was better before they put a a pay to play in front of it's most valuable features

Bewertet am 13.4.2019
Heather M.
Restaurants, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
Quelle des Nutzers 
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
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Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: Orderly has some neat features that are very kitchen oriented but we still do not use this product for our beverage program. We basically only track invoices and COGS here. We know we are not using Orderly to its full potential.

Vorteile: Orderly has a feature where invoices are uploaded to the site and automatically transformed into digitized versions of themselves, not the same technology as evernote, but still faster than me entering it into the site. Orderly also has a price comparison tool that is fabulous, tracking prices for your region in the country and what you should consider spending. they also send this information along in a weekly email. Orderly can help us take like items and see them in the app as interchangeable, a great feature. for instance, an red onion from each supplier A and supplier B can be shown in the app as just a red onion!

Nachteile: Orderly took away some features after a redevelopment, maybe you can get to them still if you pay a higher subscription fee?

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