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Whether you are a small company of 10 employees or an enterprise of 10,000, we will deliver the results you need to meet your business objectives.

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The Assessment Company, America's leading firm in the delivery of Occupational DNA Solutions. We offer Workplace Assessments for employee selection, Development, Team Building and Safety. The Assessment Company provides solutions to make your HR Life even EASIER. There is no need to pay high dollar consultants to tell you how to run your business, or to interpret a report.

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Outstanding performance at every level

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Melinda S.
Unternehmensberatung, 2-10 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: The Assessment Company offers a myriad of solutions to my corporate clients. I am a firm believer in allowing the client to see the performance and challenge constructs through a detailed, objective perspective loaded report. They are able to make better informed decisions about my recommended course of action based upon our discovery sessions and the use of the data provided by the assessment. The Assessment Company owner and staff also demonstrate the epitomy of professionalism. They are solutions oriented and have always been able to supply robust sample reports for me to share with my clients. If I have questions regarding a particular instrument, they ensure that I receive a prompt response to my inquiry. This is rare; however, as the use of the 360, Extended DISC and Safety Assessment are all very user friendly and easy to understand in terms of applicability. Additionally, I have yet to indicate a need for a type of assessment that they have been unable to produce. They are a consultant's best friend! Thorough, prompt and professional - the assessments are clean yet robust and assist individuals in taking their performance to the next level.

Vorteile: Ease of use - easy to undestand instructions, robust in applicability.

Nachteile: It's more a function of human nature and not really "reading" everything as people have a tendency to hurry through everything. The scale represents "things that you are capable of but may require a little more energy to achieve". The human perception of scaling is poor to excellent. As long as that is articulated in coaching or seminar situations, the situation is alleviated.

Assessments for employee and leadership development

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Craig J.
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Kommentare: I have partnered with The Assessment Company with many of my client companies and continue to refer them to the support team. In fact, many have adopted an exclusive relationship the them, due to the variety of tools available. As an Executive Coach, I am interested in accurate instruments and insightful reports. Two of my favorite reports to use are the Profiles XT and CheckPoint 360. I find the XT does an excellent job accurately summarizing the strengths and development opportunities for my clients. Its easy to take and the report is readable for any recipient. It is a great conversation starter with new clients who are discovering the crucial coaching goal of increased self-awareness. The CheckPoint 360 is a powerful tool for development. I just left client this morning who's "aha moment" could only have occurred with a great "behavioral 360" like the CheckPoint. The assessment confirmed what he needed to know (but couldn't see), to move ahead. I am certified in two 360s and quite adept with four others... but I keep going back to the CheckPoint. It exceeds my clients' expectations. The Assessment Company's back office support is exceptional. Trust me, working with a variety of clients and the companies that employee them... can be like herding cats. The support I get, and my clients enjoy... is patent, professional and accurate. Craig Juengling, PCC

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von The Assessment Company an 6.3.2017

Thank you so much for trusting us with your business and your kind words and support!

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