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Organizations who want to overhaul their performance management process.

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48 Bewertungen
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Über WorkCompass

WorkCompass's award winning performance management software helps organizations move towards a continuous performance management system. Our solution includes goal management, performance reviews, real-time feedback, surveys and performance coaching guides in an easy to use interface that HR and employees love.

WorkCompass Funktionen

  • 360-Grad-Feedback
  • Benutzerdefinierte Bewertungsskalen
  • Beurteilungen der Kompetenzen
  • Entschädigungsmanagement
  • Individuelle Entwicklungspläne
  • Kollegen-Bewertungen
  • Laufende Leistungsverfolgung
  • Selbsteinschätzungen
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Tracking der vorhergegangenen Beurteilung
  • Zievorgaben-/Zielsetzung
  • Einstellungen (Personalbeschaffung)
  • Entschädigungsmanagement
  • Entwicklungsplan für Karrieren
  • Kompetenzmanagement
  • Lebenszyklus-Management für Mitarbeiter
  • Leistungsbeurteilung
  • Nachfolgeplanung
  • Personalbeschaffung-Management
  • Trainingsmanagement
  • Verwalten von Job-Beschreibungen
  • Zielsetzung / Nachverfolgung

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WorkCompass - A great online performance management solution for small, medium and big organizations

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 29.3.2017
Sajid Ali
Human Resources Manager, Global HR Servcies
Non-Profit-Organisation Management, 501-1.000 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
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5 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
5 / 5
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Kommentare: This is our first year with WorkCompass and we are really satisfied with the product and more importantly the customer support from day 1. The system is quite easy to use for employees and administrators. We decided to move to an online performance management system to meet the growing needs of automating our systems within a multi-location organization. We surveyed the market and shortlisted three providers of which WorkCompass was the most simple system, very reasonably priced and more importantly their personalized customer service was and to-date has been exceptional. Before we went live, WorkCompass provided training to all our employees in different time zones.
Some key features of the system are:
- integration with our HR management system which allows easy migration of data and a daily sync between both system keeps the data updated
- providing different levels of assigning admin rights
- 24/7 online support to users
- notifications for every step of the process are sent to employees
- reporting function is great to see trends, completion rates, calibration etc.
So far we are very satisfied with the system and the service. based on our experience, we highly recommended WorkCompass for small, medium and big organizations and companies.

Vorteile: - Value for money
- User friendly
- Process is simple
- Notifications are sent for each stage of the process to users
- Uses low bandwith
- Connects to our HRMS through an API
- Excellent customer service and 24/7 online support to users

Nachteile: Off the shelf systems have its limitations in terms of customization. But WorkCompass has helped forced us simplify our internal process.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von WorkCompass an 29.3.2017

Thanks Sajid

Some teething problems but system in use now. Need to ensure no big input of data next year.

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 16.5.2017
Deirdre O'sullivan
Head of Human Resources
Computer-Software, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
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3 / 5
2 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
4 / 5
4 / 5
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Vorteile: Personally, I like the ease of the administrative functions. It is easy to add a new person for instance. I also like the data that it can generate - i.e. the analytics are useful for reporting and KPI purposes. Mostly easy to use - we have had to adapt the way we use the system to our structure of performance management - managers and employees seem to have had relatively few usage issues. However, there was a big time commitment with data input initially - due to our performance management/KPI structure, which was well advanced before adopting WorkCompass as the new software.

Nachteile: The time commitment required from managers to enter data at the start - our goals are cascaded down from company strategic goals to department to team to individual, therefore they are specific and defined. We are hoping not to have that time commitment again at the start of the next FY in November, so need to plan a strategy for that. A lot of our company strategic goals remain the same year on year - with updated targets and KPIs which then filter down to departments and individuals. Employees do not set their own performance goals - they are agreed with their manager based on the company strategic goals and their role. WorkCompass is not as suited to an environment like ours where our performance management model is established and structured as it is to an environment introducing performance management or performance management software for the first time. Therefore we have had to somewhat force the system to adapt to our needs and it took some time to figure this out.

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