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Governments, contractors and consultancy firms with projects in the construction and civil engineering industry. E.g. for buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, canals, dams, ports, airports.

Was ist Relatics?

Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects in the construction and civil engineering industry for requirements management and systems engineering. It frees the project of numerous spreadsheets and isolated applications. As a result, Relatics has proven to regain project control, reduce project risks, and decrease failure costs. Relatics is used by governments, contractors and consultancy firms for buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, canals, dams, ports, airports and dredging.

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Relatics linked the project and the organization. The Gotthard Base Tunnel project with Relatics

Bewertet am 1.9.2015
Maik H.
Systems Engineering / verification & documentation
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Kommentare: Pros:
The high flexibility of Relatics allows a gradual development and expansion of the database. As a result of this, more project areas can be implemented step-by-step in the database model. Through this, specific project characteristics and information requirements can also be considered. This also contributes to acceptance of the users and throughout the project organization.
In addition, the flexibility of Relatics allows us to adapt to changing project requirements and conditions.
In our project, Relatics is used in following project areas throughout planning, implementation as well as in the start-up phase of the railway tracks of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and of the access routes:
- Requirements Management
- Documents Management
- Controlling (KPI's)
- Quality management / quality control
- Material Management
- Equipment/Machinery: Maintenance / Repair
- Time recording (labourer)
Due to training offered by Relatics, we could enable our own staff to make adjustments / settings to the database by themselves;
Access rights can be defined dependent on user requirements
Access and use is possible on mobile devices
Intensive monitoring and support by Relatics employees during the implementation of the project
The support of Relatics was always available and was carried out without delay.
Any negative experiences and disadvantages could be observed by us through the endeavours of Relatics to ensure steady development and improvement. Also, they responded to individual customer requirements to rule out any disadvantages early on. All in all, no disadvantages materialized themselves due to these precautions.
We see Relatics as a partner who has contributed to our project success. High confidence and a cooperative relationship was created through direct and personal contact with the Relatics employees.

Relatics helps us to manage (project)information in a structured way.

Bewertet am 15.2.2013
Eles L.
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Kommentare: We use Relatics since 2005 when it was called PKM.
Since then there has been a lot of improvement regarding de user interface for the administrator and more for the end user.
We use Relatics for all our complex and for some smaller projects.

Vorteile: Easy to configure.
With the standard templates and layouts you can set up a new project very fast and easy.
Relatics can be used for very small up to very large projects.
When Relatics is configured in the wright way, it is very easy to access the information.
Relatics can be used to support SE.
Every field and menu item can be configured to be editable or read only per user role.
Relatics supports webservices (Relatics webservices and external webservices).
Relatics supports import of XML and XLS(X) files.
In Relatics you can configure you own exports (XML, HTML, Word, PDF, XLS(X)).
Relatics API's are available to program your own screen layouts.
Relatics BV has their own helpdesk.
Relatics BV provides Relatics courses for every level.
New developments (use of tablet and smartphone) are constantly implemented in Relatics.
Adjustments in the layout and menu are very easy.
Adjustments in the layout are direct visible for the end users (can also be a disadvantage).

Nachteile: Because Relatics is so versatile, therefore it can become cluttered for the administrator.
End users must be instructed in the wright way because the way to work is different than they are used to.
Adjustments in the layout are direct visible for the end users (can also be an advantage).
When Relatics is used for some time and the Relatics Model has to be adjusted, it can be a lot of work.
When you don't want to us the standard layout, it can take a lot of time to make your own layout.

Flexible Webbased Information System (Custom Made)

Bewertet am 29.1.2013
Nino K.
Process- and Quality Manager
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Kommentare: I have used Relatics on several multidisciplinair infrastructure projects throughout Europe (Swiss and the Netherlands) the last few years. Everytime I was satisfied with the support of Relatics as a tool for management report for several aspects: design, systems Engineering, quality assurance, deviations, quality control, maintenance, legitimate payments, HRM, etc. Relatics gives you up-to-date information and is easy to use, easy to fill with the nescessarry data, a good reporting module and search function. Therefor I can recommend Relatics anytime and anywhere, regardless of the business area (finance, construction, production or services)

Vorteile: Custom Made
Great awareness for customers need by consultants
Good users interface (webbased)
Easy acces for developers
Easy access for users
Easy to adjust in future due on new insights
Easily accessible and available backoffice
Various and good training programm (beginner to heavy user)
Instruction movies on line
Safe and reliable datastorage
Can be used for several aspects e.g.
- Systems Engineering
- Functional Specifying
- Contractmanagement
- Logistic processes
- Quality, Health, Safety and Enviermont
- Human Resource Management
- Maintenance

Nachteile: It takes perhaps a long time to understand the Pros of a good Information system and to define a information modell.
Client need to have a well defined vision and strategy how to manage information
Client has to defined his own information modell (ofcourse with help of the consultants Relatics)
Be aware that the client has to invest themself for a good working Information modell
Client needs own experienced and trained information employees who can communicated on the right level with the Consultants Relatics
"Rubbish in" means "Rubbish out"

Structure your as-built documentation

Bewertet am 14.9.2018
Verifizierter Rezensent
Beleidsadviseur ICT
Versorgungsunternehmen, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
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Kommentare: Relatics enables us to make system engineering more transparent, by structuring the as-built documentation and linking it to other information systems.

Vorteile: Relatics has a lot of configuration options, which means you can really tailor it to your own needs. Fine grained access controls make it possible to determine who can edit which fields.
A large amount of file types is supported; Office formats, PDF, XML, HTML to name a few.
You can link Relatics with other applications using an API.
The application is updated very frequently.

Nachteile: Application updates need to be planned very carefully because they also update the database structure. Especially when a lot of data is in the database and/or the structure has been altered.
You need a qualified administrator, because the product is relatively complex to maintain - there is a management studio, IIS setup and packages that need to be imported.

Outstanding flexible software

Bewertet am 29.1.2013
Danny V.
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Kommentare: Very generic, flexible and reliable software to produce high-end online databases!

Vorteile: Relatics is the only software I know that makes it possible to configure high-end, flexible and reliable software applications within hours instead of months. Interactions with other software or information sources is easy. This makes it possible to use Relatics as one portal to information with different sources. As an information consultant I support processes for engineering, inspection and maintainance in the fields of infrastructure, building, shipbuilding and environmental quality. In my projects critical processes are always changing and with that the need exists for fast adaptation of information management. In Relatics I found a tool that helps me to stay connected to the needs of the teams I facilitate. The Relatics support team offers to-the-point support and is open for suggestions for improvement.

Nachteile: Basic versions of Relatics workspaces have a generic interface layout which is quite good, but doesnt exceed in modern look and feel. It is possible to use skins for better look and feel, but configuring a skin takes some time. Although Relatics has the possibility to configure many cool add-ons, working with add-ons brings down one of its most important benefits: flexibility.
For example: it is possible to generate reports in a nice layout, but configuring and maintaining it while the Relatics template develops needs attention always.