Asset Management Servicenow

Was ist Asset Management Servicenow?

Verfolgt die finanziellen, vertraglichen und Inventarisierungsdetails von Hardware, Software und virtueller Infrastruktur sowie Nicht-IT-Assets während ihres gesamten Lebenszyklus.

Wer verwendet Asset Management Servicenow?

ServiceNow Asset Management eignet sich für Unternehmen, die ihre IT-Asset-Lebenszyklen mit Workflows verfolgen müssen.

Asset Management Servicenow – Details


2012 gegründet

Asset Management Servicenow – Details


2012 gegründet

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Asset Management Servicenow – Bereitstellung und Support


  • E-Mail/Helpdesk
  • FAQ/Forum
  • Wissensdatenbank
  • Telefon-Support
  • 24/7 Live-Support
  • Chat


  • Cloud, SaaS, webbasiert


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Funktionen von Asset Management Servicenow

  • API
  • Aktivitäts-Dashboard
  • Aktivitäts-Verfolgung
  • Alarmfunktion / Benachrichtigungen
  • Anpassbare Berichte
  • Anpassbare Felder
  • Anpassbare Formulare
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Aufgabenmanagement
  • Barcode / Tickets scannen
  • Bedarfsmanagement
  • Benutzer-Management
  • Berichterstattung / Analyse
  • Berichterstattung und Statistik
  • Beschaffungsmanagement
  • Bestandsverfolgung
  • Compliance Management
  • Compliance-Verfolgung
  • Dashboard-Erstellung
  • Daten-Import / -Export
  • Datenvisualisierung
  • Drittanbieter-Integration
  • E-Mail-Management
  • Echtzeit-Berichterstattung
  • IT-Betriebsmittelverwaltung
  • Instandhaltungsmanagement
  • Inventarverwaltung
  • Konfigurationsmanagement
  • Konfigurierbarer Workflow
  • Kostennachverfolgung
  • Kundenspezifisches Branding
  • Lieferanten-Management
  • Priorisierung
  • Problem-Management
  • Rollen-basierte Genehmigung
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
  • Störfallmanagement
  • Supportticket-Management
  • Verfolgen von Support-Tickets
  • Verfolgen von Vermögensanlagen
  • Vertrags-/Lizenz-Management
  • Veränderungsmanagement
  • Wartungsplanung
  • Wirtschaftsprüfung-Management
  • Wissensbasis-Management
  • Workflow-Management
  • Zugriffskontrollen / Berechtigungen
  • Überwachung

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George C.
George C.
IT Compliance Manager in USA
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Essen & Trinken
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

I've been using ServiceNow daily for almost 5 years and it is indispensable in my organization.

5 vor 4 Jahren

Kommentare: I am able to run a large company's (15,000+ employees) entire hardware asset management program using ServiceNow asset management.


I love that I am able to track the entire lifecycle of my IT assets in ServiceNow and keep track of the users that they are assigned to. It all ties back into our User database that is from our Active Directory structure. I am able to, at a glance, see all of the IT assets in our company (more than 15,000) and see where they are and to whom they are assigned. The search and filtering functions are also very powerful, and have improved with each iteration of the software.


If I could name one thing I like the least about ServiceNow's asset management module, it would be the ease with which an asset can be overwritten accidentally. If a novice is using it, they can overwrite an asset, if they have a "write" role in the system. It is important to have proper training for anyone that will be able to create and edit assets.

Verifizierter Rezensent
Application Support Team Lead in USA
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Medizinische Praxis, 501-1.000 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung

nice features

4 letztes Jahr

Kommentare: Its been wonderful overall. The amount of time saved being in one integrated system is amazing.


I love everything it can do. I'm not sure how much is out of the box vs heavily customized in our instance as we have a dedicated team for customizing ServiceNow. That said, the integrations this has with our other systems is amazing. I love that devices can not just be listed but interconnected. We use ServiceNow for ticketing, change management, and agile project management as well, and the integrations allow us to streamline everything from purchasing to emergency changes. I love that items can be automatically routed to the correct teams for tollgate approvals with little effort.


Ability to heavily customize can be a pro for some and a con for many. Lots of dev time and associated costs. Some workflows are clunky (even some built in ones), and sometimes the UI is slow or jumps around a bit.

Ryan O.
Ryan O.
Software Architect in USA
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Religiöse Einrichtungen, 501-1.000 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

Very Useful But Be Cautious

3 vor 3 Jahren

Kommentare: Overall we've had a positive experience with ServiceNow in our organization. Obviously I've outlined a fair number of cons but most software that's designed to service an enterprise has challenges. It's a powerful solution and should be used deliberately and with some level of caution lest you over commit.


ServiceNow Asset Management is very powerful and highly customizable and is well suited to handle complex configuration management and business configuration scenarios and with a decent developer can be integrated into pretty much any other system. It's useful for streamlining business processes such as bridging the notification and response gap between support centers, business managers and technical professionals (application administrators, system administrators, engineers etc.). It also has great reporting and dashboarding support in and out of the user interface and can even be leveraged to drive internal and external compliance programs.


ServiceNow doesn't seem to scale really well from a performance standpoint and the user interface is quite clunky when it comes to load notification. It's not uncommon to click on a link and think that nothing is happening because there are no visual indicators that it's loading. It's only after the request has been running for 15-20 seconds that a toaster pops down indicating that the transaction hasn't completed. All of our users complain about this. Generally speaking, it can be very slow at times. It doesn't take a whole lot before the navigation pane becomes VERY convoluted, making it overwhelming to look at. Filtering down options while typing and using the favorites feature helps alleviate this struggle but overall , the navigation is essentially nothing but a giant list of links. Navigation between screens, grids and custom dashboards can get very disconnected. Especially if you have a grid open in one browser tab and open multiple records in other tabs. The browser session gets REALLY messed up when you do things like that and most of the time you end up having to close all but one tab and go back to the beginning. This may be more of a caution than a con but it's wise to limit the scope of what you want to accomplish with Service Now because this solution can easily grow into something that you couldn't get away from. Break up your business solutions to stay agile.

Athena ordona V.
Athena ordona V.
Senior Fraud Specialist in USA
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Einzelhandel, 10.000+ Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
Herkunft der Bewertung

ServiceNow: a Realtime Service Management tool

4 vor 3 Jahren

Kommentare: ServiceNow makes case management very efficient and organized. For users reporting incidents, the tool allows one to not only see the actual incident report, but also see its actual progress as it goes through the different stages of incident resolution. For teams submitting access requests through the app, it also makes submission quick and standardized. It also generates emails that would give a summary of the issue, making it easier for both the user and the management to keep track of all the issues/incidents reported as well as access requests made for record-keeping.


Asking for a service request or an incident for a tool at work is made hassle-free with ServiceNow. As soon as you hit send, a copy of the service request or incident report will be sent to your email within seconds which also means that it queues up your request practically in real-time. The interface is very user-friendly and it has description of the info it needs to be able to fulfil a service request or report an incident, so no prior training is needed to be able to utilize the tool.


Though the interface is user-friendly, the report that gets generated is less user-friendly. It's archaic and not as appealing to the eyes because of the placement of items (super close together and with no line breaks) which makes it hard to read the summary/report. This is mostly apparent in the comments section of the intake requests where the space is very little, making the words very difficult to understand.

Verifizierter Rezensent
Art Director in USA
Verifizierter Nutzer auf LinkedIn
Finanzdienstleistungen, 5.001-10.000 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Herkunft der Bewertung

Great product better than share point

5 vor 3 Jahren

Kommentare: Our company happy to use ServiceNow and gladly moving forward from share point. It is effective, efficient, easy to use, user friendly, and performs well, hardly any bug we experience. overall, the best!


this product is great for managing project work flow and so much better than share point. It is easy to use, user friendly interface, you can keep track of the project based on date, time and all attachments are easy to see, you can also easily to see comment and reply back on the same platform. effective, efficient.


I wish I can look at the attachment based on date modified descending so I can see the latest file rather than go through and clicking each attachment one by one.