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Modular dental management software that includes electronic health record, scheduling, and chart tracking. Optional modules available.


axiUm Funktionen

  • Behandlungsplanung
  • Diagramm-Erstellung
  • Imaging and X-rays
  • Kundenmanagement
  • Medizinische Abrechnung
  • Reklamationsabwicklung
  • Termin-Erinnerungen
  • Terminverwaltung
  • Verwaltung von Patientenakten

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Not user friendly at all

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 30.11.2018
Mike S.
Dental Hygienist Assistant
Krankenhausversorgung & Gesundheitswesen, 201-500 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
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Kommentare: I think that this software is clunky, not user friendly, it is not even appealing to the eyes when looking at it. It looks like it has never been visually updated since the 90s. This program greatly adds to things running slow in the clinic and almost daily our tech guy is sending us emails of how to do some little thing because it is so complicated on Axium.
Do not buy Axium if possible.

Vorteile: We use this at my dental school and it is awful. The only benefit I can potentially see is that this program allows for all steps to be “checked” by a faculty. That is needed as a student, as I am still learning. But I would bet there are other better programs that would be good for use in a school.

Nachteile: Where to begin?
I have used other dental office management software and it pained me to switch to Axium.
It is not easy to add specific treatment to a tooth. In order to diagnose a tooth you have to go through lists and multiple steps in order the treatment plan it, while other programs have quick shortcuts that make it so simple to add treatment.
This software makes it very difficult to get everything completed after treatment. There should be one area to just “complete” all that you have done but instead I have to go to 3 or 4 different areas to open up a place where the faculty can complete it. Things are already in dental school but now add to that a program that takes forever to get everything done. I have had patients waiting 10 minutes after a prosecute while me and the professor try to complete everything.
This program also doesn’t seem to have an easy way to add medical alerts. There are specific health history items that will automatically flag and show up as an alert but others, that should be flagged, don’t. There needs to be an easy way to just add medical alerts.
In that vein of thought, another program allows you to just have any alert that you type up, to pop up whenever you want, like when you pull up a chart. Axium doesn’t have this capability (or at least our tech guys have never yet figured it out). It is nice to be able to have an alert like if a mother doesn’t want xrays, instead of us asking every time, an alert would just pop up and tell us.

The worst user interface ever devised

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 25.10.2018
Michael H.
Medizinische Praxis, 501-1.000 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
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Quelle: SoftwareAdvice
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Kommentare: My university has committed itself to this program like a battered woman defending her abusive husband. Its really really really bad and they still have us do everything the old style because this is so inefficient. Yet the keep it around and tell us its hear to stay "because it says 'educational' on the package". I want to leave this university just because of this software.

Vorteile: This program allows your to track many documents electronically but at a much less efficient speed than paper. So if you like double or triple the work without increased benefits over literally any other method, including paper, this is for you.

Nachteile: This program must not have underwent any testing before being released. Its full of bugs that an amateur programmer could fix. The icons are counter intuitive and common functions are not where one would expect. Navigating it it frustrating, updates to mundane things such as treatment plan names will erase themselves without notice. The "edit" icon is not a pencil as would be 99% of every normal piece of user friendly software, its a blue check mark. The scratch pad is not universally accessible, for instance it will overlay most screens and remain accessible until you open the lab form. WHY? WHY DOESN'T IT ALWAYS WORK THE SAME? Start check doesn't have a button, you have to click on a non intuitive piece of the lower bar with your username. Trying to add dental findings goes into treatment history. Searching "all lists" doesn't show materials, you have to find the other list for that. Treatment plans not started are under Treatment HISTORY. Trying to get a class of students to follow along and search for these non intuitive icons and functions slows the entire class down, my school gives us all the assignments as homework because its too slow to do in class or the clinic (we literally do everything in paper then take it home and 10 minutes of paperwork is an hour of axium inputs). Simulation lab efficiency is severely reduced. It takes minimum 30 minutes and up to 1.5 hours just to get everything approved before we can EVEN BEGIN. This program is sold to stupid people who buy things that are labeled "for education" and no one in the professional world recognizes it or uses it. Its a waste of time, money, and patience without adding anything useful to education and anyone who commits to it should be aware they are severely reducing their efficiency, akin to shooting themselves in the foot.

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