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Insta is targeted towards single & multi-center clinics,hospitals and diagnostic laboratories in markets of Asia, Middle East,Africa and Latin America with over 1000 installations in 17 countries.

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29 Bewertungen
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  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit 4 / 5
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  • Funktionen 4 / 5
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  • Startpreis $20/Monat
  • Kostenlose Version Nein
  • Kostenlose Testversion Ja
  • Einsatz Cloud, SaaS, Web
  • Training Persönlich
    Live Online
  • Kundenbetreuung Support während der Geschäftszeiten

Angaben zum Hersteller

  • Insta Health Solutions
  • Gegründet 2008

Über Insta HMS

Insta Health Solutions is a Healthcare IT Solutions Company which started in 2008. It has a flag-ship product Insta HMS which is used by over 300 healthcare provider organizations across 7 countries. Insta HMS is a cloud/web-based application which covers all financial, clinical and operational requirements of a hospital/clinic.

Insta HMS Funktionen

  • Angebote / Schätzungen
  • Anpassbares Dashboard
  • Code- & Gebühreneintrag
  • Compliance-Verfolgung
  • Mahnwesen-Management
  • Patient Zulässigkeitsprüfung
  • Rechnungshistorie
  • Reklamationsabwicklung
  • Zahlungsabwicklung
  • Überweisungsbescheid
  • Übungs-Management
  • Compliance-Verfolgung
  • Diagramm-Erstellung
  • Elektronische Rezepte
  • Handschrifterkennung
  • ONC-ATCB zertifiziert
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Sinnvolle Nutzung zertifiziert
  • Sprach-Erkennung
  • Terminplanung
  • Ambulanz-Management
  • Arzt-Management
  • Betten-Management
  • Integration in die Buchhaltung
  • Inventarverwaltung
  • Medizinische Abrechnung
  • Reklamationsabwicklung
  • Richtlinien Managemen-
  • Stationäres Patientenmanagement
  • Terminplanung
  • Verwaltung von Patientenakten
  • EMR / EHR (elektronische / medizinische Gesundheitsberichte)
  • Elektronische Rezepte
  • HIPAA konform
  • Inventarverwaltung
  • Medizinische Terminplanung
  • Mehrere Büros
  • Mehrere Ärzte
  • Patienten-Terminplanung
  • Patientenabrechnung
  • Patientenakten
  • Patientenportal
  • Patientenregistrierung
  • Reklamationsabwicklung
  • Überprüfung der Versicherungsberechtigung

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Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 28.8.2014
Soumyajit C.
System Analyst
Quelle des Nutzers 
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
3 / 5

Kommentare: When we talk about effective management of hospitals and provide enhance quality care and to deal with challenges and curtail hospital management cost and time , ensuring timely availability of financial , Operational & clinical information, supplies , organized utilization of resources and extended reach to identify the potential of the organization and to forecast future plans . All this and many more we have achieved in last 3 years with INSTA Health , the robust and extensively flexibility to tailor made the software based on the process flow has made substantial output with desired results . The simplicity in usages and user friendly features has help us increasing data accuracy and prompt data gathering and analysis. The Advance robust architecture complies with industry standards, the application provides investments protection for the future while enabling collaboration and enhancement with ease.
Electronic Medical Record and easy customization of OP templates has increases the Physician comfort, facilitating more of evidence based practices.
Real time information for better decision making and optimal usages of resources
Though in the ever changing progressive health care IT with introduction of new technologies and enhancements in the field of health care research and outlook towards clinical outcomes to render the best care to our patients. we are looking for more of specific renal care structure with effective utilisation of the data we generate to analysis then in more organised manner in EMR and Medical Records with specific intelligence that suite the business & clinical requirements of our organisation We have a lot more to achieve and create in course of our journey to be the best renal care provider , the strength that stand out are :
The robust architecture and the customised design has allow us with the flexibility of define , designing and implementing the Information system with
a) Clinical Lab result to have data help in interpreting renal health of a patient
b) On Line Purchase and integrated system to control inventory
c) Accuracy in data analysis and rate plan management
d) Email gateway to have uniform Report format
e) SMS gate Way
f) Patient Feed Back Module
g) Enhanced EMR with customised Template of Dialysis Summary Reporting
h) HD Scheduler to decrease waiting time and increase foot fall

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Insta Health Solutions an 28.8.2014

Thanks Soumyajit for the appreciative feedback.

System Analyst

Mit Google übersetzen Bewertet am 20.4.2017
Ruwan P.
Business System Analyst
Gesundheit, Wellness & Fitness, 201-500 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
Quelle des Nutzers 
3 / 5
3 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
3 / 5
4 / 5
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Unwahrscheinlich Äußerst wahrscheinlich

Kommentare: This is refer to the current HMS Ver. 11.0.4 of BHR. I believe user friendliness should be improved to some extent. Even though vast aria cover by Insta HMS, still required to improve some modules like Dietary(Very basic), Procurement(No purchase requisition, PO amend & re-approve, etc.), Laboratory(Only one Test Template available and difficulty on print paper size configure of worksheets), Stores Functionalities(There is no Stock Items reject process after transfer through a Indent or direct transfer, also better to have a stock uploading facility after a stock take).
Needed to have alert and acknowledgement features. It's better if the HMS allows to access for all Views (Data tables) for HMS Administrators only for viewing purpose as it solve many issues related to report requirements.
In Doctor Payment module issues (Unable to assign 1 doctor for multiple department, Not separating doctor Fees in packages), Major issue when it comes to implement new Taxes like VAT. I suggest to implement TAX module where Customer can implement his own taxes according to the requirement. Developed Channeling module (Consultant bookings, payments, visits and further process) for us not according to our requirement so that we had to go for a local channeling product.
Attending to a new job is in very good status but solution won't match to SLA or to provide a workaround takes long time or no solution at all.
Anyway some modules, features like ICD cording, Inpatient and available report builders are really good. Also can be satisfied with speed of the system.

Vorteile: ICD Cording Module, Inpatient Module and Report Builders

Nachteile: Managing Taxes, Doctor Payment Module, Channeling Module

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