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  • Paradigm
  • https://myparadigm.com/

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Angebots- und Bestellautomation für die Bauindustrie.


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Do not recommend

Bewertet am 24.2.2017
Jeff K.
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Kommentare: This program is bloated to the max. The programmers can't leave it alone. It is constantly updating and runs terribly slow. I have the latest computer I7 on the fastest fiber optic internet optimized with solid state hard drive etc. and the program sits still at times, updates for comments forcing you to logout and go have lunch. It appears to be written on an older platform which has been updated just barely enough to run on windows in 16 bit protected mode on a 64 bit code computer. My guess is the company has a bunch of Unix guys who have nothing better to do than screw with the software all day and cause problems for the customers in between their Duke Nukem battles.

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