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PEP users including fabricators, Job Shops and OEM's who program flat bed lasers, plasma, flame, waterjet, punch, knife cutting machines and similar products in a manufacturing production environment.

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  • PEP Technology
  • http://www.peptechnology.com
  • Gegründet 1977

Über PEP Technology

PEP Technology is the only intelligent ERP/CAD/CAM Software developed for Job Shops, Fabricators and OEMs to program and automate laser, plasma, flame, waterjet, punch and similar processes. PEP AUTOMATICALLY converts CAD drawings into perfect cutter path; nests, sequences and assigns lead-ins automatically. PEP is a Lean Manufacturing software product that seamlessly integrates with many CAD software programs and offers precision quoting of all DXF, DWG, PDF and similar drawing files.


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BEST PDF Conversion Software for Drawings

Bewertet am 19.5.2014
Harry S.
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Kommentare: I have looked around for years trying to find a better means of converting the PDF drawings I get from my customers into a cutter path so I can quote them accurately. A lot of companies talk about being able to convert a PDF, but usually if they can do anything it is only a Vector PDF. And, it's not a good a the software from PEP. PEP corrects the errors and cleans up the drawings. In most cases I can use the the converted drawing to produce the part on my laser, plus give my customer a precise quote. This even integrates with PEP's software for nesting the parts. By far, I have nothing the compares to it anywhere.
Only negative issue is it is a little expensive, but I paid for it after quoting my second job.


Bewertet am 12.6.2015
Stephen P.
Laser operator
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Kommentare: We recently got this at our shop. I'm a laser operator but also do programming sometimes. We "upgraded" to PEP and it is absolutely awful. We had Cincinnati programming which worked great. Should have went with the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". In my opinion ita just a way to make programmers more lazy. Does not help laser operators at all.

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