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We serve American small businesses with 1-100 employees.

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    Basic payroll is base price of $10 + $4 per each employee
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  • Patriot Software
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Patriot Software offers online payroll to save you time and money. Made for USA small business owners with 1-100 employees. Choose the payroll option right for you:
Basic Payroll - base price $10/mo. + $4 per employee.
Full Service Payroll - Base price $30/mo + $4 per employee. You run payroll, but let us handle the payroll tax filings.
Free direct deposit, or print paychecks.

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  • 401(k) Tracking
  • Abzüge-Management
  • Anwesenheitsmanagement
  • Entschädigungsmanagement
  • Lohnpfändung
  • Mehrere Länder
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Patriot Payroll has great customer service and is easy to use!!

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5 / 5
4 / 5
Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
5 / 5
4 / 5

Kommentare: This is a very user-friendly and inexpensive way to get payroll done. This software has saved our company a lot of time and money. I would recommend this product to small and medium-size companies.

Vorteile: The customer support is very effective and made Implementation process very smooth. The process for logging employee hours and applying deductions are very easy to understand and straightforward. This product has a very user-friendly UI that is clean and very intuitive, this makes reporting very flexible. This is a cost effective solution for small companies as long as you do not need extensive job costing integration into an accounting system.

Nachteile: The direct deposit functionality is very restrictive at times and they require that the payroll is processed by Monday for it to be distributed to the employee's account on Friday. Patriot Payroll does use ADP as a third party to do the direct deposits. This doesn't really work well with our paperless environment. After you have entered hours you can not go back and correct any mistakes you may have made on a payroll deduction. This is frustrating at times. You have to delete the entire payroll, edit the deduction and then re-enter the payroll. This makes the software feel very clunky, an alternative would be to approve the payroll void the incorrect check and then re-run another payroll.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Michele an 20.2.2018

Thanks for the feedback Tony. Just to clarify, our third party vendor for direct deposit is National Payment Corporation (NatPay), not ADP. Did you know that if you are paying your employees by direct deposit, and have set them up with the free employee portal, no printing is necessary on your end? Employees can log in to their employee portal and download paystubs from their if needed, making your payroll paperless. :)

Get a real company to do your payroll

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Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten
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Vorteile: It is very inexpensive and takes on clients that have very few employees. Customer service reps are EXTREMELY HELPFUL, polite, and very knowledgeable of the program abilities and shortfalls.

Nachteile: You can cancel ANYTIME, but then you have to send all the State/Government taxes collect to their respective agencies with the appropriate paperwork. Patriot sends all the taxes back to you to deal with. Some taxes are due annually, due the end of January, so if you want Patriot to file it, you have to keep the subscription until that date. Nickel and diming. If you want them to track sick days, accumulated vacation days etc, it is included. If you want your employees to be able to track it through the online portal, that will cost you additional per month. Check out the list of add-ons to determine what is important to you.
They offer QuickBooks import of data, but I have yet to see how anything matches anything on the bank statement. Like taxes are deducted from payroll, they show in a different month than the payroll, and the payroll imports as the gross amount which is not the amount sent to the employee by NatPay. If you use a dummy account in your accounting software (QuickBooks) to run all the payroll functions through, this will not bother you and your accountant will made the journal entry additional adjustments. I could not get my first payroll to reconcile, and it was determined that Patriot made an error and did not collect $ 3.60 in taxes somewhere. I am going with when the taxes were going to be sent to the agency, the error would have been found and corrected (depending on the tax agency, some are sent monthly, some quarterly, some annually.) The next payrolls were done correctly.
NatPay is a 3rd party vendor that facilitates the employee direct deposit. If you enter a payroll incorrectly and want to cancel, even seconds later, Patriot says it is canceled, but you have to CALL NATPAY otherwise it goes through. Be sure to not miss the pop-up warning. I was advised they are working on a better solution to make sure it is clear what to do in order to cancel a mistake payroll that was submitted.
The site is not all that easy to navigate. There are report and default options that may not be easy to locate how to set. Strongly suggest that you contact customer services and they will walk you quickly through the process.
I have worked with 4 different Payroll service companies over the last couple of years. They are not all the same, they each have strengths and weaknesses and wide range of costs. From what I can tell, they all do the payroll functions of collecting and distributing employee payments and taxes correctly. The big difference, besides costs, is what they include in the base price, and if/how they enter this information into your accounting system like QuickBooks. With any payroll service, you always have the option to enter it manually into your system from the paystubs which ensure it is entered how you want it.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Michele an 5.5.2017

I'd like to take the opportunity to clarify some of your misgivings about Patriot:
1. You are correct, you can cancel anytime. If you do cancel, we do give you any money back we have collected so that you can make your filings yourself. If you want Patriot to file, for you, (we'd be happy to), you just need to cancel after the filings have been made.

2. You do not get charged to keep track of sick days or vacation days. There is a free feature in the software called "Manage Time Off".

3. Next pay periods DO automatically populate. This was a feature we added last year.

4. All payroll reports are under the Payroll tab under "Reports". We have an excellent "Payroll Details Report" where you can adjust dates and select specific employees and/or taxes to view. These can be grouped in a variety of ways: check, employee, paydate, totals

5. Once you run a payroll, a file is instantly sent to Natpay. If you void the payroll, you are correct, you will want to call Natpay and make sure the file has been canceled. Because this is a third party vendor who handles direct deposit, we can't control how their system works after the file is sent, unfortunately. We do give warning in the system to remind you. (We want to be sure your employees are only paid once.)

6. Our QB export only sends by pay date, not pay period.

7. We appreciate that we can make our navigation easier, and our UX team is on it!

I'm having a customer support rep reach out to you to help you with these things. We are here for you, Chris. We want you to be among the thousands of satisfied customers Patriot serves every day!