Cases CRM

Cases CRM

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Wer verwendet Cases CRM?

Designed for small, medium and large organisations with a Case management requirement, it helps with feature such as marketing, workflows and dashboards.

Was ist Cases CRM?

Cloud-based case management solution which allows the users to manage their cases from start to finish.

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BrightOffice Cloud CRM

Gegründet 2009

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Cases CRM Funktionen

Schadenmanagement Software
Compliance Management
Elektronische Ansprüche
Nachverfolgung der Anspruchsresolution
Nachverfolgung von Eigenbeteiligung & Selbstbehalt
Papierbasierte Ansprüche
Verwaltung der Zahlenden
Öffentliche Verwaltung

Cases CRM – Nutzerbewertungen

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Mahbub A.
Verbraucherdienste, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
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  • Bewertet am 3.8.2017

"Disappointing and costly"

Kommentare: Non-Cost me vast amount of money.
I bought the PPI Software Package with this company on a two year contract on behalf of my company. This company is keen to get your business but once they have had it signed they will hold you ransom for the remaining time of the contract, I have been told repeatedly I cant get out of the contract after a few weeks when I discovered the support is almost non-existent after signing up. The sales director will tell you what you want to hear in regards to set up what he will do for you and then go back on his promises I feel so make sure everything and I mean everything is written on paper, he thinks he sounds very professional and thinks he knows it all but in fact is completely out of touch with what the software and the way the company works at grassroots level is like. The client manager seems nice at the start but will charge you more and more for enhancements to the software once he has got you to sign the contract, software which you only realize are essential once you have signed the contract. A trial on the software will not be given or any of the enhancements, you will be told to sign the contract before you get any decent insight or proper understanding of how they work. Given a mediocre demo sales director and client manager at a fancy venue which you can not understand. Messages are never returned once signed up and call seldom returned from the management.

Nachteile: Software is brilliantly designed I must admit but without full support it is essentially useless. Stay Away you have been warned!!!!!! Although I have had small issues with support, the support staff are stars and always going the extra mile to offer support, support which is limited by the tools they have been given and the role they play in the company. they will charge you according to how much money they think you have as I have introduced various clients to them who require the same software features and have been quoted 5 times as much as one as other! They introduction promise to introduce other clients is non existant once they get the deal from you.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von BrightOffice an 4.8.2017

We provide Cloud software with a setup cost & a monthly licence charge. Termination is in accordance with the agreement. During setup we liaise directly to configure the system, and you have direct access to our free Helpdesk. Our Sales & Implementation teams have introduced & setup many CMC¿s, some with us over 8 years. We operate a very successful introducer incentive scheme, with a lot of new business from direct recommendation. Your review is a backlash due to our refusal to your request for an introducer fee for a prospect that was previously known & had a demo prior to you declaring interest. We also refused to disclose sensitive info about another CMC who you stated approved this, we found this to be false. We refused to offer you a Trial module, and our staff have made complaints about of your language & rudeness. Your Subscriptions are fully up to date, and we have no official complaint which would have allowed us to deal with any grievance in the correct and proper manner.

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  • Bewertet am 3.8.2017