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An excellent help to monitor the quality of service.

Bewertet am 6.3.2018
Jesus E.
analista de servicio
Automotive, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
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Kommentare: Speed, efficiency and improvement in communication processes between departments, as well as acquisition of knowledge to give better answers to customers.

Vorteile: * It is an application that monitors live behavior and manage feasible solutions for clients that the company owns.
* Provides greater precision in the taking of complaints and displeasure to offer more accurate answers to customers, creating a good interaction between the different departments of engineering, billing and administration.
* Current applications and maintaining a good client portfolio depends largely on how to receive comments, complaints, dislikes, among others and transform them into feasible ideas that allow a practical resolution of failures or effective prevention of them within the organization .
* Currently the network is what dominates the business market by the provider-user interconnection, facilitate, manage and control risk units ensures the reduction of problems in the network, maintaining correct control of statistics and resolution of failures, increased experience with the clients.
* NetQuest is an application that is kept in constant development by the newsletters that make arrive manifesting the current state of the platforms, it is an avant-garde trend with an extensive knowledge in the market that allows it to maintain the growth causing a positive impact in our organization, As a user for some time, I have seen how it improves and facilitates the task with clients, both internal and external.

Nachteile: * It would be of great help, be an application that can connect with a main program of measure for the impact of business incidents.