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Ensight is a very powerful integrated eMarketing suite.

Bewertet am 11.9.2008
Luisa M.
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Kommentare: Ensight is a very powerful integrated eMarketing suite which I use to run my own site as well as for various client sites that I have developed. The platform integrates a powerful, user-friendly CMS, with a sophisticated profiling and segmentation system, a campaign management tool and a reporting engine. As a non-technical strategic and marketing focused user of the software, I am able to manage multiple websites as well as various ongoing eCRM and relationship management requirements using this tool. I would highly recommend this tool to others.

Vorteile: Easy to use CMS - allows non-technical users to manage and update site content in real time. Includes an easy to use form builder which allows for real time surveys and results analysis Integrated user profiling engine - for real time management and monitoring of your web community Sophisticated segmentation system - allows you to target content to defined user segments and can learn about users' stated and implied preferences in real time Campaign management tool - for email and sms campaign creation, delivery and reporting Reporting tool - allows for real time monitoring and measurement of user activities on your site

Nachteile: Current version doesn't work in Firefox, but I have been assured the next version will.