This is like having a 24/7 Cameras on your Servers/PCs and also telling you when bad things are done

Bewertet am 16.3.2018
Alejandro H.
Networking Manager
Telekommunikation, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: Best computer surveillance system out there. completely monitoring of your supervised systems.

Vorteile: There is nothing like this not this powerful, Imagine a camera recording all activity on a user session on a server or PC, also collecting all the metadata and logs to be sure not a single action will be done without been recorded and analyze. not only you have the forensic record of all done but also have the analytics to also notify you when a condition you decide is done. over more than 200 conditions to alert you predefined, also you can set your own conditions. you give acces to server sometimes to third parties and cant be sure of what they do on you systems, you can set alarms to data ex-filtration or inception of malware or backdoors. if some user get a file from a superviced folder into email or dropbox or else, the system can alert that action is not allowed and even logoff the user, and alert the admins. most of the threats you ave in your system comes frm within and not from outside hackers. complete vigilance of your users and well set up conditions to alert you in case they do something suspicious not only have all the evidence on video but also you can prevent them from happening. also uses less bandwidth and disk space because record in frames and in black/white (or colors if setup) you can supervise an entire network and have insider threats analysis and secure your network.

Nachteile: Sometimes upgrades requiere had labor, much SQL knowledge is required, the costumer support if top of the notch, but when you want to do small upgrades better pay and let them to do it for you.