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Bewertet am 8.7.2019
Jelle O.
Forensic IT investigator
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Kommentare: Zylab provides our core eDiscovery tooling. On the new Azure platform working with the tooling is a breeze. Easy do it yourself uploading of data and with the new B2C concept we as customer can have full control over our cases. New technology and features are implemented on a frequent basis. Customer saticfaciton is important to Zylab and they really listen to to customer need and translate that to features for the tooling.

Vorteile: Easy, do it your self uploading of data. And intuitive review interface that works for both novice and expert users.

Nachteile: Some new features are not yet in the user interface but already available from technical standpoint. But the bi weekly builds are making up for this and Zylab is rapidly moving and catching up with the competition on data analytics features.