Community OS software for county helpline

Bewertet am 13.10.2016
Maria S.
PoconoInfo Manager
Non-Profit-Organisation Management, 2-10 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: I have utilized Visionlink's Community OS software for more than 7 years as the manager of our county's Information and Referral Helpline. As far as database storage goes, the program is good because it has no problem holding our database of more than 800 agency/organizations and services available to county residents. One of the drawback of the website that our database is contained in is that it is definitely not the most attractive looking site. In fact, most of the tapestry sights are very similar/monochromatic looking. While we do have the option to update information such as our menus, page content and of course the database, there is very little freedom in regards to changing up the look of the site and the formatting options are extremely basic. Another negative to me is the keyword search option. Clients have the option to type in a google type search on the site to find available services. It will often provide too many options and the better options are usually listed way down the page. I have been told by Visionlink that there is nothing that they can do about this because it searches through the entire description and not just by the keywords and title entered by the agency. Aside from this issue, I do have to say that the Customer Service folks at Visionlink are pretty quick in getting back to me with any issues.

Vorteile: Easily accommodates our large database and has a lot of report generation options to extract client and program data.

Nachteile: Annual cost is pretty expensive and the website layout is very boring.