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Good tool set to use side by side with development teams.

Bewertet am 24.7.2018
Jeffrey M.
Software Security analyst
Informationstechnologie & -dienste, 10.001+ Mitarbeiter
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Vorteile: This toolset is good in a sense that we use it on top of another tool used within our apps to ensure internal and outside vulnerability are picked up and concluded before deployment to a production environment . The solution is a good wrapper to ensure external pentests are passed and the support is good for enterprise environments for setup. Arxan isnt widely known in the industry but am sure in future they will be one of the must hae solutions for any financial house app.

Nachteile: Set up was a bit of an issue and enabling endpoints to only be internal facing but available to the outside world within the app. This gives a bit of a challenge to teams attempting to troubleshoot so at times we have had to shut off monitoring to be able to debug production solutions. We are also using other tools to monitor performance.