Must have: contactoffice virtual office

Bewertet am 18.1.2010
J. D.
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4 / 5
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5 / 5

Kommentare: Personnaly, CO meets my expectations for a really small price: 5EUR per month (for 2GB email, 1GB documents storage etc.). I think that it can match everyone's needs: email, documents, calendar, notes, etc.

Vorteile: Contactoffice (CO) offers all functionnalities I need for my daily work: email, calendar, contacts, notes, document storage space and many more!
It's a really rapid system because of SaaS model. I just need to have 1 browser and 1 internet connection and I'm on my virtual desktop.
Thanks to CO's group module, I can create a work-group with my customers for temporary projects where I can share information etc.

Nachteile: At first logon, you see all the tools on the left toolbar... It seemed to be "too much" for me, but it is possible to display only the tools you wanna use by minimizing it at the bottom of the screen. Perfect for SOHO.