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CommuniGate Pro is unbeatable on resource usage efficiency and reliability

Bewertet am 10.10.2018
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Kommentare: Been using CGPro for 20 years. For the specific use cases we use it for, it has no competition. At the high enterprise level it can't compete.

Vorteile: Few pieces of server software are as solid and reliable as CommuniGatePro, you can have your instance running for months or years without a glitch. Running on Linux, you might only need to restart the service when you perform a version upgrade.
In Linux, it has very few dependencies on the base operating systems, so you can perform most OS level tasks like updating packages or applying security enhancements without CGPro even noticing.
There's a compiled version for mostly any imaginable operating system.
The ammount of resources -CPU, RAM and disk- it requires is notably smaller than those required for mostly any software able to compete with CGpro in terms of feature set and performance. Sometimes, competitor software might require more than 10 times the RAM or CPU power used by CGPro.

Nachteile: Development of the product has lagged behind industry standards. The vendor focused on making CGPro a unified communications platform, neglecting the enhancements of the email service itself. It was until 2018 that such ubiquitous features as password expire and DKIM support were implemented, for example.
The monolitic software which makes CGPro so reliable, also creates a very rigid obstacle for integrations, which results on a very poor software ecosystem built around the product.