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von Herlick Data Systems

Least user-friendly and least intuitive software I've used; clunky and time-consuming

Bewertet am 22.6.2018
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VP | Director | Marketing | Business Development
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Kommentare: At this time, the benefits we reap from this software are few. For a small shop, it is so time consuming that getting to other marketing and fundraising tasks is a challenge.

Vorteile: It has many options for users. It has the ability to add on modules such as major gifts; it interfaces with Paya/Sage payment processing; one can set up email notifications

Nachteile: web-based system: just doing basics such as gift-entry, looking up financial records and acknowledgements is such a process. Other reports and actions only increase with complexity; exports...reports, etc. Exports default as txt files, it's a process to export to csv files. Queries are equally unfriendly.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Herlick Data Systems an 4.4.2019

Thank you for your review of our software. We apologize for not responding sooner. The entry of gifts can be tedious depending on the level of details which you are entering, however we do have quite a few shortcuts that can be shown to streamline that process. If you are having trouble with exporting data, we would be happy to help make that more efficient for you as well. We strive to make the data handling for your station as streamlined as possible, while also giving you the ability to dig into the data to better serve your donors and your reporting needs. If there is an area that we can make this better, we are open to further insight that would make your job easier and allow you to get back to your marketing and fundraising tasks. Please reach out to us via our support system to get specific training and support on the tasks you are trying to accomplish. Thank you again for working with us to make the software better.