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Equity management platform that generates, executes, and stores legal documents.

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Kathy N.
Senior Corporate Attorney in USA
Luft- & Raumfahrt, 11-50 Mitarbeiter
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How Are People running their Startups without Shoobx?!?

5 vor 9 Monaten


Shoobx is my go-to for running all of the internal corporate activities for my company. From creating NDAs, generating offer letters, granting shares, creating board consents, capturing board meeting minutes... you name it, Shoobx creates the legal documents from scratch. It also has full equity management capabilities, and it updates the cap table and stock ledger with the information it has from the equity-related documents it has created. The documents are pretty advanced, and I recently closed a bridge note (aka convertible promissory note) using Shoobx's document templates. It also provides all necessary data to our investors to cut down on back-and-forth and make information sharing more efficient. Every time I log out 5pm on Friday I thank Shoobx. I'd be working all weekend without the Bx!


Some of its features are rather advanced. It takes some research and reading to understand how to properly use its stock transfer or stock split workflow, as an example. This is where Shoobx's excellent client service team comes in to help educate and help break down these complex workflows. It is also only applicable to Delaware C-corporation entities (but they will help you incorporate as a DE C-corp, and can still work with you if you transfer later in your corporate lifecycle from an LLC to a DE C-corp).