GleanQuote streamlined my whole proposal process!

Bewertet am 6.6.2019
Luiza M.
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Kommentare: The experience has been great really! The proposal system is fast and easy to use, and I get a little bit of a CRM system along with it which I didn't have before, and which from I what researched none of the other template creation websites offer. They also offer in-app chat to support, so whenever I have a problem or if I can't find something, I can reach them there directly!

Vorteile: Creating the proposals was super easy! I was able to recreate my current proposal created in Adobe InDesign with ease. The proposals from GleanQuote actually saves us some time too since now I can user variables for things like names, email addresses and stuff like that. I've also been getting signatures a lot quicker now since the process is entirely digital, no one needs to print my contracts and manually sign them. The Rep also told me they're working on integrating payment to the proposals soon which would be amazing.

Nachteile: They don't have a huge amount of templates available yet. I found one that I really liked which I ended up integrating with the proposal I had designed before, but they're still adding templates to the system.