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More than your usual LMS, less than your usual ICA

Bewertet am 25.9.2019
Clemens A.
Business Development Manager
Informationstechnologie & -dienste, 201-500 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: It's a pleasure to work with knowledgeworker Share if your company is in need of an LMS and also wants to try getting into internal communications and global knowledge transfer. But if you are already working on this for a while, you may want to go for a more sophisticated tool.

Vorteile: The feeling of a social intranet with possibilities for feedback and interaction are pretty awesome. Also, knowledgeworker Share is working unbelievably well with the other knowledgeworker tools like Create. The features are well thought and especially for onboarding use-cases, learning paths and the social interaction combine to a decent user experience.

Nachteile: At times, it feels like knowledgeworker Share tries to be something it is not. For internal communications applications, there's just better solutions around: meanwhile, some features of other 'famous' LMS are missing or yet to be developed. The shortcomings are minor, but visible.