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Über Third-Party Manager

Steigere die Partnertransparenz, indem du diese robuste Plattform für die Automatisierung und Verwaltung von Drittanbietern nutzt.

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Sarah P.
Global Compliance Counsel in Südafrika
Bildungsmanagement, 10.000+ Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
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Review of Third-Party Manager

5 vor 7 Monaten


The dashboard and insights are wonderfully helpful, as is the ability to pull complex reports covering just about anything you need. OSI and EDD reports are delivered on time. The customer service is second to none, it is a real pleasure. The team are responsive, helpful, and always go out of their way and the extra mile for you. You feel that you are part of the "family". I find the software easy to use and easy to train people on. The remediation function, document / record / note storing functions are great - in fact the full profile includes everything we need to track and monitor a third-party. If they don't have a feature you want they'll add it to their development list for you. Great communication, very personalized experience.


We have had technical issues with the software which have all been resolved. We have also had some issues with the accuracy and speed of flag adjudication by the analysts, but the team is supportive and open in communication to resolve any issues we have in a way that works for us as a company.