Bolide is for Novice workers

Bewertet am 2.8.2019
Brian M.
Graphic Designer
Grafikdesign, Selbstständig
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Kommentare: If you are a beginner with video editing this is for you. if you want the works? Go with Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro. I actually prefer Sony Vegas to Bolide. I will say their customer service reps are very sincere. and even they understand they aren't in the same league. if you want to learn a simple program for your video editing then by all means go with Bolide.

Vorteile: Extremely easy interface and setup. decent pricing, not bad if you are looking for something quick

Nachteile: offers nothing special and is for the absolute beginner

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Bolide Software an 5.8.2019

Brian, thank you for the review!
You are right; Bolide Movie Creator is for those who don't have months to learn expensive Adobe software :)