Streamlined communication for all of my employees!

Bewertet am 23.4.2019
Maria R.
Communications Director
Telekommunikation, 1.001-5.000 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: Now with Eko we're able to streamline all of our processes, have tasks and accountability across the different teams. We're able to ensure we're making it easier to ask for a day off or get an expense report approved. We can offer employee rewards with the gamification aspect of the tool. We've seen an increase in productivity and we're seeing a decrease in employee turnover. We've been able to condense many tools into one, making Eko a power house platform for us.

Vorteile: It was intuitive and easy to navigate. It added more than just communication, offering my team the ability to create workflows, task management, quizzes, share information and even organize chats with topics. It also offers translation so that my entire team can engage easily. Now they can start video or voice calls easily and they don't need to use a separate tool.

Nachteile: Right now we haven't found anything we haven't liked about Eko. We've even been able to integrate other tools to the platform.