Build online course website without coding

Bewertet am 11.7.2019
Skyler J.
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Kommentare: I was thinking about coding my online course website from scratch and using a video streaming service API in to deliver video courses. I talked with many developers, but they would want a time of at least 6 months. It would have cost me a lot to pay them for 6 months. Then I found this script. They said they will build my site in less than a week using this script.
They actually did it. My site was ready in 4 days. I had started selling courses very soon. And it did not cost me even a quarter of what other developers were asking. Thank you, guys. Keep the good work up. I wish you also had an LMS for my site.

Vorteile: This software is a good package for simply selling the courses and also inviting other skilled teachers to sell their courses in your site. You can set a commission rate to take from other teachers.

Nachteile: I find this a useful script. Just if it had an inbuilt authoring tool, I would not have to purchase the Elucidate authoring tool separately. Cannot complain. It’s not costly and does the job well.