Great organisation tool for our crew

Bewertet am 12.3.2019
Dean H.
Bau, 2-10 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: I run a small company which specialises in home renovations (kitchens, bathrooms etc), some full house reno’s, plus lots of small maintenance jobs. I’ve struggled in the past to keep control over my backlog of work and status. For the past 5 months me and my crew have been using the sitesupervisor task manager every day for managing our work orders. For the first time (ever!) I have control over my backlog of work and have all my crew understanding what they should be working and where we are up to. A lot of the features of sitesupervisor are geared more for projects where access to drawings is essential across different teams. Those features look impressive but I haven’t used them all yet as they are not so relevant to my particular business. But for me that doesn’t matter as just the task manager in isolation pays for itself.

Vorteile: Incredible amount of features of which I am working through and finding new gems all the time.

Nachteile: The set up with these new systems are always daunting but this one wasn’t as bad as I thought.