Very good website builder. Impressed!

Bewertet am 3.4.2019
John W.
Web Designer
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Kommentare: In my opinion, 8b is a super useful tool when it comes to building simple landing pages quickly with no budget. I'm very impressed this app is offered for free.

Vorteile: I could sign up and get started quickly.
There is a variety of website templates and they look modern and eye-catching.
It's easy to design templates: there are options for editing texts, settings for each website section (changing backgrounds, adding or deleting buttons and titles, etc), drag and drop features to add new sections and more.
8b allows to add new pages, edit titles, descriptions, and URL for each page.
I could publish a website to their free hosting with SSL Certificate under a custom subdomain with no effort. It's possible to connect your website to your own domain and Google Analytics.
There are many integrations like icons, Google fonts and maps, image library.
The website builder is provided for free.

Nachteile: There are no eCommerce and blogging features.
Limited SEO settings.
No option to export the HTML files.