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Most easiest way to create RESTful APIs without coding!

Bewertet am 11.1.2019
Driss E.
Freelance Sap Consultant
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Kommentare: When you are not a PHP expert like me, it is very useful to have a tool which helps you to create API fast and secure. I tested different tools and framework and honestly Fusio is the best one for me. It is very easy to use and creates endpoints very fast. Fusio can do more than creating endpoints but I used it only for that. Any app needs user management and secure registration. I was so happy to see that everything was already there to manage users(registration, login, activation by email, Captcha, social login, etc.)!! The backend app is so easy to use, and we can create CRUD endpoint without coding!! After I did different examples with the backend I needed some complex functionalities like triggering emails or updating table, and started to use the code was not so difficult as I expected. After one download it is ready to use, not necessary to install additional tools!! The code structure is very clear and I started to use event to trigger action like sending automatic email or updating other tables! I used Fusio for a web app and could deploy it on shared hosting. Fusio is an open source but has a very good support. In the beginning I had lots of questions and the support was amazing. I would recommend Fusio to everyone!!

Vorteile: Fusio has different Apps to manage API. The backend App can manage all the steps to create endpoints without coding! It is easy to use and fast. It includes configuration parameters very easy to manage like host, connection, scope authorization. With the swagger-UI App we can test endpoints. What I like a lot is also the user management with secure registration with available endpoints like login, activate, automatic email etc.
If we need something more complex we always have access to the code which is simple very well-designed.

Nachteile: The backend configuration parameters is great and we can improve it with adding some parameters from the config file for environnement parameters.