Easy and prowerful solutions to create virtual tour online

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Kommentare: We are a real estate business and we were looking for an easy solution to create 360 virtual tours for our listings. We discover VirtualTourEasy.com following recommendations and we are really satisfied. Their interface is easy to understand, their tour builder allows to create in 5min the virtual tours. Just need to upload the 360° pictures (compatible with all 360 pictures ) , then create hotspots and save it. Then it can be easily shared either via the unit url which can be shared on messaging platforms or embed in website. The white label feature, and api to integrate in our website it"s quite easy. I like also the fact that I can invite different users like my photographer, agents to collaborate.

Vorteile: - Easy to use
- Features that cover all our needs as hotspots creation, edit scenes,...
- share on social platform, messaging apps and via unique url
- channel page with all our tours
- white label feature to customize with our logos
- responsive can even create tours with our mobile or tablet
- competitive pricing

Nachteile: - the tour builder is only in English